Saturday, March 29, 2014

Galloway to Regulate Charitable Clothing Bins; Permit and Fee Required

On March 25, 2014, Galloway Township Council unanimously voted to introduce a new Ordinance that would require owners and operators of clothing bins placed around the town, to obtain a permit. 

Under a New Jersey State Law, Municipalities are permitted to regulate the placement of clothing bins. Such regulation is appropriate in order to protect the public interest. 

The ordinance as introduced will require any clothing donation bin that is owned or sponsored by a charitable organization to obtain a permit, valid for a twelve-month period, from the Township's Zoning Officer. The cost of the yearly permit would be $25.00.

The organization must list on the application: the location of the bin or proposed bin, the manner in which the charitable organization anticipates any clothing or other donations collected via the bin would be used, sold or dispersed and the methods by which the proceeds of collected donations would be allocated or spent. The organization must also include the telephone number of the bona fide office of the charitable organization and written consent from the property owner in which the bin is placed. 

The Zoning Officer has discretion to deny a permit if the placement of the bin would constitute a safety hazard after consolation with the Galloway Township Police Department. Clothing bins will not be permitted to be placed within 100 yards of any place which stores large amount of, or sells, fuel or other flammable liquids or gases, or within road easements and traffic entrances or sight lines. 

According to the Ordinance, the Township has barred any organization from placing a bin on any Township owned property. The ordinance also prohibits any donation bins from being placed within 100 yards of school owned property (District, Regional, or privately owned schools).

On the exterior of the clothing donation bin the organization must clearly and conspicuously display the name and address of the organization that owns the bin, the registration number of the organization, telephone number and where the donations will be given. 

Any organization that does not comply with the new ordinance, once approved will be subject to penalties which include $100 per day for the first offense, $250 per day for the second offense and revocation of permit on the third offense. 

The Township will hold a public hearing on this ordinance (listed below) on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. located in Council Chambers at the Municipal Complex, 300 E. Jimmie Leeds Road. 


Anonymous said...

What zoning officer would that be to enforce this since the Township got rid of Jody?

Anonymous said...

An FOP (friend of Purdy)

Anonymous said...

Leave Donny alone. He's trying to reform. ;)

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