Thursday, February 28, 2013

March 2013 Senior Center Calendar and Activities Released has obtained from the Galloway Township Clerk's Office the March 2013 Event Calendar for the Senior Center. The Senior Center is located at 621 W. White Horse Pike, Galloway. Call (609) 568-5073 for more information.

Senior Center is Open Monday and Fridays from 9:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Calendar and Activity Description is located below.

Galloway Police Blotter February 17 - 23, 2013

CFS          945 MVAs   23
EMT        36        Tickets 27
FIRE        12 DWIs  2  
DV           12 Arrests 41

Residential Burglaries:  2/23 Whispering Ln. 

2/17 William Hood Jr., 52, of Galloway was arrested by Ofc. Ray Glick for Obstruction and Resisting Arrest. 

2/18 Chelsea Nogle, 20, of Egg Harbor Twp. was arrested by Ofc. Przemyslaw Ryba for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Possession of a Hypodermic Needle.  

2/18 Melissa Crank, 37, of Pleasantville was arrested by Ofc. Chris Magazzu for Possession of Marijuana under 50 grams. 

2/18 Brenda Garry, 46, of Galloway was arrested by K-9 Ofc. Scott Winneberger for Shoplifting.

2/19 Thomas Woodruff, 21, of Galloway was arrested by Ofc. Kerry Baerman for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

2/19 Ronald Monroe Jr., 23, of Pleasantville was arrested by Ofc. Kerry Baerman for Driving While Intoxicated and Possession of Marijuana under 50 grams. 

2/19 Edward Gordon, 19, of Linwood was arrested by Ofc. Justin Butler for Hindering Apprehension.  Quashawn Jackson, 18, of Galloway and Jahmilmal Bailey, 19, of Pleasantville were also arrested for Hindering Apprehension during the same incident.  

2/20 Charles Cunningham IV, 19, of Galloway was arrested by Ofc. Patrick Neal for Possession of Marijuana under 50 grams.  

2/20 Luke Locatell, 20, of West Orange was arrested by Ofc. John Mooney for Possession of Marijuana under 50 grams. 

2/21 Ricardo Bradley-Carter, 28, of Pleasantville was arrested by Ofc. Jacqueline Crocker for Driving While Intoxicated and Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance. 

2/21 Brian W. Dulany, 35, of Forked River was arrested by K-9 Ofc. Kevin Welsh for Possession of Marijuana under 50 grams. 

2/21 Robert Blake, 19, of Bridgeton and Rocco Badiali, 20, of Minotola were arrested by Ofc. Kevin Costa for attempting to purchase alcohol underage. 

2/21 Brielle Kievit, 18, of Pompton Plains and Harry Rothman II, 18, of Bridgeton were arrested by Ofc. Gary Brenner for attempting to purchase alcohol underage.  Rothman was additionally charged with possession of a false ID.  

2/23 Lisa Barshell, 41, of Atlantic City was arrested by Ofc. Kerry Baerman for Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

New Invocation Policy Includes Indemnification Waiver for All Council Members

After several months of research, debate and controversy, Galloway Township Council finally approved a new Invocation Policy. This policy will now supersede a previous policy sponsored by former Mayor Keith Hartman. The previous policy allowed for a specific rotation of local clergy to give an invocation during each council meeting.
The new policy adopted only allows the invocation to be delivered by a member of council. The policy states, "the Municipal Clerk will offer to each member of Council on a rotating basis the opportunity to offer one of the invocations on the attached list at the beginning of the Council meeting at the time identified for the Invocation." The policy also allows any member of Council to request a moment of silence to allow for private prayer or meditation by those present. 

The full policy and approved lists of prayers are below.

The policy shall also not obligate any member of Council to offer an invocation. The council member can privately confirm with the Clerk that they wish not to deliver the invocation. Council will offer the invocation on a rotating list. If no council member wishes to offer an invocation at the meeting, than a moment of silence shall be held in place of the invocation.

The new policy includes a indemnification waiver. The provision states, "In the event of the filing of any litigation or other claim against a member of council based upon an invocation offered by such member of Council which is not in accordance with this Policy, the indemnification of such member of Council may be subject to denial pursuant to Section 27-3 of the Galloway Township Code."  

If Council opts to not cover one of their own, that individual Council member, current or future council members could be subject to their own costs to defend the litigation placed against them. 

We requested comment from members of council requesting if any member felt this policy restricted their First Amendment right for Freedom of Speech. Councilman Jim McElwee, who is also a member on the committee in order to propose this policy stated, "we all have to curb our language everyday in certain situations rather it being polite or just to avoid problems."

The liability that could potentially mount against a council member who may deviate from the approved list of prayers could be financially struggling. "No other member of council has expressed concern to me over indemnification vulnerability" McElwee stated. "It's very simple, don't add anything that has not been pre-approved by the Solicitor. If you want to add something you can as long as it's reviewed for legal liability."

All other requests for comment went unanswered, including from the committee's chairman, Deputy Mayor Tony Coppola. 

Bicyclist Sent to Hospital with Injuries After Being Struck by Vehicle

According to Police, on Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 2:21 p.m., bicyclist Harley Pollack, 19 of Galloway was traveling northbound on Pomona Road in the area of Aloe Street when a vehicle driven by Hiwot Tibebu 40, of Galloway also traveling northbound veered to the right and struck Pollack. 

Tibebu was driving a 2003 Toyota SUV when Pollack was struck. Pollack was transported to the Atlanticare Regional Medical Center, Mainland Division for an elbow injury.
Summons maybe issued pending further investigation. The investigating Officer is Ptl. C. Magazzu and Galloway Township Ambulance Squad responded.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Accident on White Horse Pike Sends Driver to Hospital After Collision With Utility Pole

Galloway Township Police responded to an accident on the White Horse Pike (US Route 30) at 7:54 AM, for an accident that sent the driver to the hospital after she collided with a utility Pole. According to Police, the accident occurred Eastbound on the White Horse Pike near the Garden State Parkway Off Ramp. 

Elen Rustamova-Alcanta of Galloway was traveling eastbound on The White Horse Pike in her Kia Rio when she made an unsafe lane change and struck a Dodge Van driven by Gary Erario 44, of Galloway.  Rustamova-Alcanta proceeded to travel off the roadway and struck a utility pole which caused both lanes of The White Horse Pike to be shut down for approximately 30 minutes.  

Rustamova-Alcanta was transported to Atlanticare Regional Medical Center Mainland Division by Galloway Township EMS for injuries to her leg.  She was issued a summons for careless driving.  Atlantic City Electric also responded to the scene and completed repairs to the utility pole.

Monday, February 25, 2013

UPDATED: Sources Indicate Terry Lucarelli will Resign as Galloway Township Republican Municipal Leader

*Updated* Terry Lucarelli has confirmed she is resigning her position of Municipal Leader for the GTRL. 
Via has received confirmation from multiple sources including members of Galloway Township Council on the grounds of anonymity stating a letter was sent by Terry Lucarelli to the Galloway Township County Committee last week indicating her intent to resign as Municipal Leader. Lucarelli has been the Municipal Leader for the Galloway Township Republican League for many years. 

News of this broke through the Republican and Democratic parties this past weekend. Individuals we spoke with on the Republican side were excited to see the change occur. 

Former Mayor Keith Hartman who had a falling out with Lucarelli in 2011 when he denounced the GTRL during his re-election commented on Lucarelli's anticipated resignation stating, "It's good news for the local party" Hartman stated. "In my opinion her departure means good republicans will no longer be suppressed.  I imagine the GTRL will now begin cleaning house and replacing the cronies that were put in place to do her favors."  

Hartman who is now a registered Independent has stated, "I would consider rejoining the GTRL now if it is put in the right hands.  There certainly needs to be better checks and balances with the county committee so the municipal leader doesn't become a king maker." 

Lucarelli and her husband Frank have previously come under intense scrutiny by the former publisher of, Harry Scheeler. Scheeler launched a website dedicated to Terry Lucarelli detailing the Lucarelli's past

The change over of leadership for the local Republican Party in a powerful election year, speaks volumes as to the changes that are about occur. In October 2012, Mayor Don Purdy announced his intent to break away from the Galloway Township Republican League. Purdy stated at that time according to Galloway Patch, that decision was because of the problems with Municipal Leader Terry Lucarelli.

According to sources, County Committee is expected to convene this evening to vote on a new Leader.  Steve Moliver is slated to become the new Municipal Leader tonight. The GTRL will also re-organize and select a new President and Vice-President.

The reconfiguration of the GTRL could ring positive for Purdy who is up for re-election this year. Councilman Tom Bassford who was also quoted in Galloway Patch stating he was not in favor of Purdy's movement to break away from the GTRL, is also up for re-election this year. Sources have also indicated Bassford and Councilwoman Whitney Ullman may not seek re-election this year, leaving Purdy the only incumbent left to seek re-election.

Bassford and Ullman did not return an email seeking a request to comment.

Purdy was not available for comment at time of publication, however sources have indicated Purdy will most likely seek re-election.

Check back for details as this story is developing.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Legal Bills for November and December 2012 Spike; Over $6,000 in OPRA Expenses has obtained through an Open Public Records Request the November and December 2012 Legal invoices for Township Solicitor Michael Fitzgerald. Legal expenses for November were $5,720.95, of that $2,451.20 was the expense for OPRA reviews. Legal expenses for December were $7,632.70, of that $3,760.00 was the expense for OPRA reviews. offers a suggestion to Council that will save at least $12,000 a year on Legal cost as it pertains to OPRA. 

The detail listed in the OPRA invoices consist of the Township Solicitor reviewing multiple emails pertaining to documents being released by Township Clerk Thalia "TC" Kay. Most of the entries on the Legal invoices state "receipt and review of emails" from various requestors. According to the invoices, Fitzgerald charges at least $10.00 per email he opens just to review. has verified through our own emails we have received from the Township that Township Clerk Kay copies the Solicitor on each email she sends pertaining to OPRA Requests. That practice as seen in the invoices below has cost the Township thousands of dollars in just two months. This practice has been going on for sometime according to other legal invoices we posted previously.

The Township has proclaimed over the past month that they intend to reduce the expense of OPRA after appointing Kim Procopio, Esq., to handle Records Management. An appointment that occurred at the February 12, 2013 Council Meeting. We notified and requested comment from Mayor Don Purdy, Councilman Jim Gorman, Councilman Jim McElwee and Township Manager Arch Liston as it pertained to the ongoing practice of emails being sent by the Clerk to the Township Solicitor on OPRA Requests. 

McElwee stated, "In my opinion the Custodian of Records should have an understanding of OPRA law and if in doubt should go to the Township Solicitor for advice on gray areas. I see no need to copy the Solicitor on each request, especially if we are being billed for his time to study those e-mails. If this current policy becomes a burden on the Budget, I would expect the Township Manager and Council to re-examine it as soon as possible. " 

The Township has undoubtedly expended money on OPRA Requests. With the new attorney being appointed, both Gorman and McElwee stated it was a Luxury the Township could not afford.  "I still am not convinced that we need four people involved in OPRA requests. I have confidence in the Township Manager to set budget limits on OPRA processing costs and will examine the bills at the end of the next cycle to determine the added expense" McElwee stated. 

With January 2012 Legal bills yet to be submitted for payment, the Township and the public will have to wait a couple more weeks to see how the billing of OPRA will either increase or decrease. Based on emails between and Township Clerk Kay, we anticipate the expense to remain in the thousands.

We urge Mayor and Council to reduce the budgetary expense on at least the emails Kay continues to send with the Township Solicitor copied when responding to OPRA Requests. By doing so, the Township will save at least $10.00 on every email which could result in a $12,000 savings for the year.

In our opinion, why does the Township need to wait and see how much money its going to cost them in order to cut. They already see the expense, just cut it now. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Galloway Police Blotter February 10 - 16, 2013

CFS 961 MVAs   21
EMT 24      Tickets  21
FIRE 14 DWIs 3  
DV       14       Arrests 20

Burglaries:   Buildings – 2/10 S. Frankfurt Ave.
                     Vehicles – 2/12 Driftwood Ct.          

02/12 Thomas A. Osterman, 45, of Somers Point was arrested by Ofc. Daniel Choe for hindering apprehension. 

02/14 Justin E. Hanna, 23, of Sewell was arrested by K-9 Ofc. Scott Winneberger for driving while intoxicated.  

02/14 Zachary G. Westpy, 23, of Moranville was arrested by Ofc. William Kline for driving while intoxicated. 

02/16 Jesse Freeman, 43, of Pleasantville was arrested by Ofc. John Mooney for driving while intoxicated.

02/16 Frank Soto, 43, of Egg Harbor City was arrested by Ofc. Daniel Choe for hindering apprehension and possession of a hypodermic needle.  

02/16 Jose Aponte, 37, of Egg Harbor Twp. was arrested by Ofc. Patrick Neal for hindering apprehension.  

2/16 Asif Khan, 20, of Galloway was arrested by K-9 Sgt. Mark D’Esposito for possession of marijuana under 50 grams.  

2/16 Travis C. Wilson, 20, of Port Republic was arrested by Ofc. Jacqueline Crocker for 2 counts of possession of CDS and distribution of CDS.  

Friday, February 22, 2013

Galloway Township Republican League Presents 2013 Republican of the Year Award to Herb and Patricia Davis

Photo Provided by Keith Hartman

Galloway Township Republican League has announced on their GOP Facebook Page, the 2013 recipient of the Abe Lincoln Republican of the Year Award will be Herb and Patricia Davis. Herb and Patricia are parents to Keith Davis, Atlantic County Republican Chairman.

The GTRL has presented the Republican of the Year award for many years. Former recipients include former councilman Jim Cox, GTRL President Jennifer Heller and former Mayor Keith Hartman.

Mayor Don Purdy who is a long standing Republican in the community stated, "Herb is a great guy who has done a lot for the community and for the Veterans. This award is well deserved."

Herb and Patricia Davis will accept their award on Saturday, February 23, 2013 at the Smithville Inn, between 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. according to the GOP Facebook Page.

Former Mayor Keith Hartman also gave praise to Herb and Patricia Davis by stating, "Herb is a nice man and dedicated to the Veteran's cause. They have both always participated in campaign events and are just an overall nice family."

Deputy Mayor Tony Coppola did not return comment on Herb Davis. Coppola has worked with Herb on the Veteran's Advisory Board and has spoken highly of him at multiple Council Meetings.

Hartman was also a former recipient of the Abe Lincoln Republican of the Year award in 2011. His award was presented to him by former Assemblyman Vincent Polistina. "It's always great to be recognized for your accomplishments." Hartman stated.

After a falling out, Hartman who is no longer a GTRL member stated, "I am one of many Republicans in Galloway who have denounced the local organization as a result of it leadership." Hartman who is now a registered Independent says his core beliefs are still consistent with Republican fiscal policies. "My principles have not changed. My leaving the party was based on not wanting to be associated with the local leadership." Hartman stated.

Galloway Township Republican League has faced controversy over the past couple years. The GTRL's current Municipal Leader is Terry Lucarelli. 

UPDATED BREAKING NEWS: Residents Evacuate on Gull Wing Court Due to Gas Leak

See updated @

Residents on Gull Wing Court in Smithville have been evacuated due to a Gas line leak in the Cul-de-sac. Oceanville and Bayview Vol. Fire Companies have secured the scene. Galloway Township EMS is standing by.

A Fire Department Representative indicated the strong oder of gas has occurred for at least a half an hour. 

South Jersey Gas Company has arrived on scene at approximately 11:30 a.m.

Check back for updates as this story is developing.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Smithville Gas Attendant Sustained Serious Injury After Being Struck By Pick-Up Truck

On February 21, 2013, a 2005 Dodge Ram Pick Up driven by Linda Miller of Galloway Township struck Kyung Kim of Smithville. Kim is the gas attendant for USA Gas located at 281 S. New York Road (US Route 9) in Smithville . Kim was walking across the parking lot waiting on customers when he was struck by the pick up as it was leaving the parking area. 
Kim was thrown to the ground and sustained serious but non-life threatening injuries. He was treated on scene by the Galloway Township Ambulance Squad and Atlanticare Medics. Kim was then transported to ARMC City Campus by EMS.

USA Gas was closed for approximately ½ hour while police investigated the accident. The accident is being investigated by Ptl. Steve Garrison. Miller was issued a summons for careless driving.

UPDATED: Galloway Police Department Faces Racial Discrimination, Retaliation Lawsuit From Current Officer; Galloway Patch


In February 2013, Galloway Township Police Officer Brian Tennant filed a lawsuit against Galloway Township, Galloway Township Police Department, Chief Patrick Moran, Captain Allan Kane and Corporal Jerry Houck according to Court documents released by the Township in a Press Release to all media outlets.

*Disclaimer* has decided to release the lawsuit in full, however, we advise our audience that the lawsuit although a Public Document and can be accessed through an Open Public Records Request with the Township of Galloway or Superior Court, contains content including the details of racial slurs and reference thereof that could be disturbing. 

The lawsuit filed by Tennant in Superior Court contains multiple allegations of Racial Discrimination, Retaliation and Hostile Work Environment some of which date back to 2003. Tennant has been a  member of the Police Department since November 2000 according to the court documents. 

Tennant claims he was subjected to numerous disciplines including an internal investigation on workman's compensation benefits the Township claimed he mistakenly received. Tennant was later cleared of the workman's comp investigation. Tennant was also removed from the Township's SWAT Team of which the Township indicated was due to budget cuts according to the court documents.

*Updated* "It was extremely disturbing to read the details of the suit being brought against the Police Department and members of their Administration." Councilman Jim McElwee said in a statement issued today. "While I prefer not to comment until after the complete story can be told by both plaintiff and defendants in a Court of Law, I remain a strong supporter of the Galloway Township Police Dept. and Chief Moran. It is my hope that people in Galloway will not try this case in the various Media outlets with uninformed anonymous comments that degrade both parties in this case. Let the Court decide the outcome and please don't rush to judgement against either party." 

Galloway Township issued the following prepared Statement and Press Release:

Galloway Township to Fight Lawsuit
On February 12, 2013 Galloway Township was served with a lawsuit filed in Atlantic County Superior Court,  alleging discrimination, hostile work environment, retaliation, differential treatment, and violation of the Conscientious Employee Act. The suit names the Chief of Police Patrick Moran, Captain Alan Kane, Corporal Gerald Houck and the Township as defendants against the plaintiff Officer Brian Tennant filed by his Attorney Richard Stoloff.

The lawsuit notes incidents dating back to 2003 and then alleges that several “retaliatory actions” occurred, which the Township disputes.  

Chief Patrick Moran is presently out on sick leave due to shoulder surgery, but gave the following statement:  “As it pertains to my actions and the actions of my administration, this lawsuit is full of half truths, misleading information, and inaccuracies. Unfortunately, I am prohibited by law to discuss personnel related issues/details but I am prepared to defend against any and all allegations regarding our actions and any accusations levied upon the Township during my administration. I will also be pushing the Township to counter with a frivolous lawsuit action against Tennant and his Attorney and to push for the recovery of attorney’s fees for this entire matter.”

“This litigation is garbage” stated Township Manager Arch Liston.  “We are presently putting our defense team together and look forward to our day in court.”

UPDATED: Galloway Advertises Request for Quotations on Website Redesign after Launches Municipal Documents Service

Galloway Township posted on their Official Website an advertisement requesting Quotations for a Website Redesign. Mayor Don Purdy stated he made the request to Township Manager Arch Liston to look at a redesign possibility after this Publisher was able to post Galloway Township's Municipal Documents on, owned and operated by former Clerk Lisa Tilton.

According to Purdy, Galloway Township has been trying for a couple of years to modernize their Official Website. "The Township's website is outdated. We need to Modernize our Website so residents can access Township documents from their home computer or even their cell phones, including smart phones. Minutes and Township Code should be easily accessible to everyone, anytime and we are going to make that happen" Purdy stated. 

Purdy also stated he has requested the Township Manager to look at all options including a possible inter-local agreement with other County or Local Municipal Governments that have the staff for web design already. This is the first step is an already lingering issue the Township has faced. 

The Township's RFQ has an amount not to exceed $10,000. Purdy stated, "It's an amount not to exceed, but we are open to all options in order to save costs and still provide this service to the Public."

Councilman Jim McElwee stated, "a lot of questions still need to be answered as there is possibly a cheaper way to go about this in order to still get the information out to the Public." McElwee has continued to advocate for Open Government and Transparency and still believes this service can be provided. "This just needs to be investigated before spending this amount of money." McElwee said.

Councilman Jim Gorman stated he was unaware this advertisement went out. "We could spend a lot less and have an employee trained to do this. We could also reach out to the schools as they have good websites" Gorman said. which is privately owned former clerk Lisa Tilton, began posting the Township's Minutes, Salaries of Employees, Collective Bargaining Agreements, Municipal Budgets and other Financial Documents which according to Purdy, sparked his request in redeveloping the Township's own website once and for all. "If someone from the Public is able to provide this service with little effort, than so can the Township" Purdy stated. has undoubtedly submitted varies OPRA Requests for Township Documents. Majority of the documents that have been requested appear either in articles or have been made accessible to the general public and residents of Galloway Township. 

The Township is expected to review all options and continue discussions in the redesign their official Township's Website. 

Requests for comment was sent to all members of Council and the Township of Manager. will update the story if other comments become available.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

UPDATED: Ninth District Legislators Fear Progress on Jessica Lunsford Act May Be Slowed; Galloway Patch



In a email sent out on February 19, 2013 from the District 9 Legislative Offices of Senator Conners, Assemblyman Rumpf and Assemblywoman Gove, concerns over amendments to the Legislative Bill (S-380) entitled "Jessica Lunsford Act" were expressed. 

Councilman Jim McElwee expressed his concerns as well stating, "As a supporter of the Jessica Lunsford Act ( Bill # S-380), I find any further delay in it's passage to be very disappointing. I will watch with great interest for the vote on Feb. 21st of the watered down version A-2027. I continue to stand behind Mrs. J and her CUFFS Committee to support their hard work and dedication to this cause!"

*Updated* After the Bill A-2027 passed through the Assembly, McElwee issued the following statement,"I am disappointed that the Bill A-2027 was offered in a diluted version and not the original Bill S-380 that was passed by the Senate almost unanimously. However, you take your victory's when you can get them and supporters of this bill have fought long and hard for many years, especially here in Galloway. Mrs. J. and the CUFFS committee are to be congratulated for their tensity in pushing Local and State Legislators to pass this into law for the protection of children across the State." has obtained the full email text sent to supporters is released below:

"As you are aware, in October of last year, legislation (S-380) entitled the “Jessica Lunsford Act” passed the Senate and, subsequently, was sent on to the Assembly for consideration.  Since that time, our Delegation has strongly advocated for the Assembly Leadership to post S-380, given the strength of its provisions and that the legislation has already been passed by the Senate.

Recently, we were apprised the Assembly scheduled a floor vote for Thursday, February 21, 2013 on another, weaker version of the “Jessica Lunsford Act.”  The measure that has been placed on the Assembly voting board list is A-2027, which would impose mandatory terms of imprisonment on persons convicted of aggravated sexual assault against a child under the age of 13.  Under the measure, the person would be sentenced to a specific term of between 25 years and life imprisonment.  

Notably, A-2027 differs from S-380 in that it does not contain a harboring provision.   Under S-380, which was passed by the Senate, it would be a crime of the fourth degree for a person to hinder the apprehension or prosecution of a person who has not registered or verified his address with the appropriate law enforcement agency.

Our Delegation is extremely disappointed that the Assembly Leadership posted this watered-down version of the “Jessica Lunsford Act.”  We find it interesting that the Assembly Leadership chose this course of action despite the fact that S-380 garnered near unanimous support in the Senate.  This is troubling from two aspects.  First, the version being considered by the Assembly on Thursday does not include a harboring provision.  Second, passing A-2027 will further delay the enactment of the “Jessica Lunsford Act” as the Senate would be required to reconsider the legislation.

New Jersey residents have already waited too long for the enactment of the Jessica Lunsford Act in their state.  Like so many of our constituents, we are discouraged with Legislative Leadership’s constant delays in this matter that directly concerns the health, welfare and safety of our most vulnerable citizens – our children.

As cosponsors and strong supporters of the Jessica Lunsford Act, our Delegation has a long standing track record of working with proactive constituents, such as you, to strengthen New Jersey’s sex offender laws to more effectively safeguard our children and communities.  Mandatory sentencing for the most dangerous sex offenders is critical, given the propensity of these predators to reoffend.

Moving forward, our Delegation will continue to advocate for the enactment of the strongest possible version of the “Jessica Lunsford Act.”  Given your active interest in this issue, you will want to know that important information regarding New Jersey’s sex offender laws has been prepared by the State’s Attorney General’s Office and made available online at:  We believe you will find this website to be a valuable resource.

Certainly, we will apprise you of any further developments regarding the “Jessica Lunsford Act.”  In the meanwhile, if you have any questions or comments regarding this communication or any other State matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.  As always, we stand ready to serve the constituents of the 9th Legislative District." 

Galloway Man Indicated for Hit-And-Run Accident That Killed Daniel Tavarez

An Atlantic County Grand Jury indicted Leo Strazzeri, 42, of Galloway Township for second-degree leaving the scene of a fatal accident in connection with a hit-and-run that left 45-year-old Daniel Tavarez dead, the release said.
Second-degree leaving the scene of a fatal accident carries a five to 10 year New Jersey State Prison sentence and up to $150,000 in fines.

The full release is below.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Obituary: Harry Hiltner; Galloway Patch

Hiltner, Harry of Galloway passed peacefully on the evening of February 12, 2013, with his loving wife, daughter and son-in-law by his side.  For the past year and a half, Harry courageously fought his battle against cancer.  Harry’s optimism and absolute love-of-his-family, allowed he and his girls the strength to make it through this difficult journey.

Harry began his professional career in the height of the casino development, as a Union Electrician.  After a few rewarding years in this profession, Harry changed his course and worked as a Fireman at the Atlantic City Airport.  During this tenure he also enjoyed his time as a volunteer Firefighter in Bargaintown.  Harry continued his civil service as a Police Officer for the Galloway Police Department.  During his almost 20 years of protection and dedication, Harry achieved the rank of Sergeant, and served as one of the most distinguished leaders this community has come to know.
Harry was honest, fair, dedicated and patriotic in his everyday ways.  He was a religious Philadelphia Phillies fan, and an always-optimistic Miami Dolphins supporter.  Harry took great pride working on his family’s property, and cruising around on his John Deere tractor while listening to the “Boss” on his headphones.  His daughter Ashley was his favorite basketball opponent, as they enjoyed many backyard challenges at their home, and Harry was always there to share his many words of wisdom to his older daughter, Lisa.  Harry’s wife Jean will cherish their quiet moments they shared together.  These times included watching deer, turkeys and especially their favorite, Purple Martins, among other wildlife that wandered onto the Hiltner compound.   The beaches of Brigantine were a favorite past time for all the Hiltner’s, and Harry will always have a spot in the sun with his family there.  His family takes comfort in knowing that Casey, his faithful black lab, is wagging his tail and playing fetch with his best friend.
Harry is survived by his heart-broken Bride Jean, his daughters Lisa and Ashley, Harry’s in-laws Ralph and Joan, his brother and sister-in-law Len and Joan, his parents Eleanor and Harry Sr., sister Lynette and husband Ray, sister Sue and husband Ray, and his many nieces and nephews who loved and adored him.  Harry will be sadly missed by his many friends, neighbors, coworkers and drivers.
Visitation will be held at Beacon Church 420 S. 6th Ave, Galloway, NJ 08205 from 2 until 4 pm followed by a memorial service on Sunday, February 24.  Services have been entrusted to Wimberg Funeral Home in Galloway, NJ (609) 641-0001.  For condolences, please visit  In lieu of flowers, the Hiltner family is accepting monetary donations at TD Bank for the Ashley Hiltner Scholarship Fund that has been created to support his daughter Ashley in her future educational endeavors.

Obituary is online at and Publisher Lisa Tilton would like to offer our sincere condolences and prayers to the Hiltner Family.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

UPDATED x2: Denied Payout to Former Manager Stephen Bonanni Could Have Been Avoided if Council Performed Investigation first reported in January 2013, of a resolution tabled by Galloway Township Council that would have approved a payment of $51,765.24 to former Township Manager Stephen Bonanni. The payment would have represented the monetary amount of unused Vacation, Sick and Compensatory Time. On February 12, 2013, Galloway Township Council voted on that resolution and denied any compensation to be paid to Bonanni

Bonanni previously was under intense scrutiny not only by the former Publisher of Harry Scheeler, but also by the Press of Atlantic City. Discovered first in January 2012 by Harry Scheeler, documents indicated Bonanni approved compensatory time to be paid to two salaried employees. Of those salaried employees was CFO Marilyn Dolcy. Dolcy requested payment of compensatory time for missed lunches on just about every day she worked. Dolcy through her attorney Sal Perillo, Esq., voluntarily gave up the time Bonanni previously awarded her. 

Scheeler also reported Bonanni was teaching for Rutgers University Public Works Program while still be clocked in on Galloway Township's time. Cell phone bills were used to trace Bonanni's location at Rutgers while his time sheets showed him working in Galloway the same day.

In another twist of events, Scheeler also linked Bonanni in an alleged prostitution scandal while working for Galloway Township. under new Publisher Lisa Tilton, made contact with the first alleged prostitute, prior to this publication in order to confirm the allegations of prostitution. Since the Atlantic County Prosecutors Office has already made contact with the same individual and as to not impede their investigation, our in-depth conversation can not be released.

As Tilton is the new publisher and was also the plaintiff in a 96 page lawsuit against the Township and Bonanni, which has subsequently been settled, we decided to investigate the reasoning as to why Council continued to delay the authorization of payment to Bonanni. Tilton as the former Clerk for Galloway, also sat in on closed session discussions while Bonanni received an impromptu interview on January 25, 2011 to become acting Township Manager.  The interview was a result of Council removing Roger Tees as their Manager at that time.

With Bonanni no longer being an employee of Galloway Township, the closed session minutes were subsequently released to former publisher Harry Scheeler. Detailed in the minutes only two weeks after Council originally appointed Bonanni as Acting Manager, discussions commenced in allowing Bonanni to have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Details in the MOU released below, outline personnel policies and ordinances that Bonanni would have to abide by. Although the MOU was not labeled as contract, Bonanni did receive additional assurances that he would receive payment of all of his Sick Time if in fact legislation was passed that would limit the amount. 

Also as part of a verbal agreement with Council, Bonanni was authorized to work without clocking in. Bonanni requested not to have his time tracked as he was a salaried employee that works more than 40 hours a week. Leaving himself to be a 24/7 employee, meaning Bonanni could be working at any time of the day. 

Also detailed in the MOU as part of those discussions was a provision that allowed Council the right to terminate the terms of the MOU if the acting Manager is removed for "Good Cause." Good Cause shall mean conviction of a crime or offense involving moral turpitude. Moral turpitude by standards of New Jersey Law, include but are not limited to conspiracy and prostitution. Bonanni was never removed by Council as he decided to retire in January 2012 after former publisher Harry Scheeler began to OPRA Bonanni's Township Cell Phone Bills and Township Computer files. 

After Council tabled the Payout resolution for Bonanni and after reviewing the closed session minutes and the MOU, reached out to Mayor Don Purdy on January 23, 2013 and requested comment. We have released our full email to Purdy below. As of time of publication, Mayor Don Purdy has not responded for comment. After our email to Purdy raising questions about Bonanni's MOU, Council subsequently voted unanimously to deny Bonanni his payment. 

We issued another request for comment to Councilman Jim Gorman and Councilman Jim McElwee requesting if our email in January prior to Council's decision was a deciding factor for council to deny payment. **Updated** Due to a Township email server issue, a comment from McElwee was sent but never received. In response to our email for comment McElwee stated, "As you are aware I requested the original resolution be tabled for legal review. After review it was presented to Council and again tabled for closed session because some council members wanted further clarification on legal issues. After returning to open session I voted NO to the resolution. Your e-mail to Mayor Purdy played no part in my decision and to my knowledge was never discussed in my presence. The ACPO does not comment on any status or even the existence of any investigation. However, I believe there have been enough questions and doubt raised by your publication and other local news orgs. to warrant such an investigation. If the ACPO doesn't move on this, I would favor an independant investigation be conducted. I strongly believe Council did the right thing. I could not in clear conscience approve this expenditure. There are too many questions as to the accuracy of the hours of service "on the job" which this payout is based on. Again, I would like to state that council acted in the best interests of the people of Galloway Twp." in our email to Purdy raised questions surrounding the context in which Council decided to enter into a MOU with Mr. Bonanni in 2011. During such time, Bonanni was alleged to have frequented visitations with at least one prostitute and to our understanding, an investigation was being conducted by the Atlantic County Prosecutors Office during 2012. Through a request by former publisher Harry Scheeler to the ACPO under Executive 69, charges have not been filed against Bonanni as of 2012. 

Current Publisher Lisa Tilton stood in front of Council in June 2011 and publicly requested Council to form a "Municipal Investigative Committee" to investigate the actions of Bonanni. Council did not form such a committee to investigate Bonanni. Had Council formed such a committee in 2011, Council would have been able to not only subpoena documents, but they also would have had powers to subpoena witnesses for testimony, potentially discovering some of the allegations Scheeler exposed. 

*Updated* We further requested comment from former Mayor Keith Hartman as he was the sitting Mayor at the time Bonanni was hired as the acting Township Manager. We asked whether Council was afforded all of the pertinent information regarding Bonnani in his interview in order to make a decision as well as if a formal background check should have been required prior to appointment.

Hartman stated,  "We voted to place Bonanni in on a temporary basis while we looked for a permanent replacement. His performance in public works and previous interim manager experience made him a logical choice.  Deputy Mayor Purdy had selected him and lobbied for his appointment. My choice was to go to Tom Henshaw immediately but there was concern over his lack of being a push over and certain members of council wouldn't " play nice" with him despite his qualifications. My decision was based on Bonanni's prior performance.  To my knowledge at that time he was a professional.  

Obviously, in retrospect, if the allegations are true it was a bad decision.  I felt Bonanni did well executing agenda items in a timely manner until the discipline of our Clerk. At that point I began to opine that he was playing politics for members of council.  I expressed my concern over how he was handling the Clerk situation.  My concern was as a sole councilman and I expressed I was not representing a consensus at that time, merely my opinion. I don't believe a thorough investigation would be prudent. At the time we all had experience with Bonanni and he was a long standing Township employee. I don't believe a background check would have produced this type of conduct that is alleged. Unfortunately, you hire people and sometimes they aren't always what they proffer at an interview." 

Many questions have surfaced lately as to whether Bonanni had a contract with the Township or if Bonanni was entitled to the payout. The Township explicitly explained to Bonanni the MOU was not a contract of Employment. 

A individual posting on posing as Bonanni , stated "THIS WAS THE LAW(ORDINANCE) IN 1979 WHEN I WAS APPOINTED. i ALSO HAD A CONTRCT WITH THE TOWNSHIP PRIOR TO BEING ASKED TO FULLFUL THIS POSITION. ALSO i HAVE FROM FINANCE OFFICE SIGNED WITH THIS .AMOUNT.. Mr. Purdy signed contract and made various recommendations on staFFING. i WILLBE PURSUING LEGAL ACTION IN THE NEAR FUTURE. i HAVE BEEN QUITE TO LONE. The truth must come out. many lies have been preented by the blogger."

The decision of Council to not authorize the payout will for sure continue in the upcoming months if Bonanni decides to pursue litigation. It is our opinion, Council can still form the investigative committee at any time in order fully investigate what did or did not occur as alleged. Council would also be able to track how much money if any as alleged, Bonanni used on Township time and if any official misconduct did indeed occur. 

Most of the research has already been completely and publicized by multiple media outlets including the main exposure from

We have also released Bonanni's full personnel file below. Bonanni is also listed in his personnel file as having worked for Galloway Township's Police Department. Part of the work as detailed in the file, include details working at Absegami High School. It was also alleged by former publisher Harry Scheeler, that an Absegami High School Graduate turned prostitute also showed up in Bonanni's Township Issued cell phone bills. 

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