2015 LOG UPDATED (February 7, 2016)

Galloway Township News has obtained through an Open Public Records Request (OPRA), the Township Clerk's OPRA Log.  The Logs provide details of each OPRA Request submitted from January to December of each year.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of a request below, you can email Acting Township Clerk Kelli Danieli at Indicate you are requesting a copy of the OPRA Request as well as the documents released.  Include the "Tracking Number" of the request. You must be a New Jersey resident to obtain documents. 

If you wish not to submit your request directly to the Township, you can email Galloway Township News at with the Tracking Number of the request and will obtain the documents for you. Please provide your name and address with your request. You must be a New Jersey resident to obtain documents. 

We will periodically update the OPRA Log per Month. 

2016 OPRA LOG UPDATED Coming Soon

2015 OPRA LOG UPDATED December 31, 2015.
2014 OPRA LOG UPDATED December 31, 2014.
2013 OPRA LOG UPDATED December 31, 2013


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