Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Galloway Township Temporarily Retains Arch Liston as Acting Township Manager

Arch Liston, Credit: Press of AC
Galloway Township Council unanimously voted to retain current Township Manager Arch Liston as now their Acting Township Manager.  

Liston stated to Council that his resignation as Township Manager was effective as of January 28, 2014. As of January 20, 2014, Liston has been working for the City of Atlantic City as their City Administrator. 

Liston will now serve as Acting Township Manager in Galloway for a period not to exceed sixty (60) days. Mayor Don Purdy stated that Liston will also serve as the "Appropriate Authority" and will be paid $150.00 per week as compensation.

The apparent specified designation of the "Appropriate Authority" comes after a report on this website indicating that a Regulation may prohibit Chief of Police Patrick Moran to serve in a dual capacity as Township Manager.  That report came after Mayor Don Purdy stated to Galloway Patch that Chief Moran would serve as Acting Manager until Council appointed a new Manager. 

Moran was present at the Closed Session where Council discussed the topic of Acting Township Manager.  

Sources have indicated to Galloway Township News that Moran will field the day-to-day operations while Liston will serve as the de facto Acting Township Manager so as to not create a potential conflict regarding the separation of Authority from Galloway's Form of Government. 

Galloway Township will begin interviewing for a new Township Manager in a advertised Closed Session on Wednesday, February 5, 2014 where formal action 'may' be taken. Mayor Don Purdy stated between 4-5 candidates may be interviewed out of about twenty (20) applications received. 

Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian stated on the King Arthur Show that Mayor Don Purdy has already begun interviewing potential candidates. Members of Council we spoke with confirmed a meeting took place already with one potential candidate with Purdy and two other members of Council. We were told the candidates name, although we are not releasing same publicly so as to protect the integrity of the interview process for all candidates. 

Guardian Statement on King Arthur Show:


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