Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Chief of Police Announced Results of Departments "Hot Spot" Details on High Incident Areas

Galloway Township Police Chief Patrick Moran announced today the results thus far on the designated "hot spot" detail initiated by the Department on Friday July 19, 2013. Chief Moran initiated the detail by assigning officers who would be utilizing plain clothes tactics and uniformed patrols to detect, investigate, and deter illegal activity and address some traffic related issues in areas that have been identified through calls for service, complaints, statistics, etc. 

From July 19 to August 3, the Galloway Police initiated five (5) (2 Officer) 4-hour proactive details in areas that were determined to be in need of extra police presence using forfeited money from criminals.   Officers have been patrolling these areas of concern in both uniform and plain clothes.  

As a result eight (8) people were arrested.

1st detail  
1 Person arrested for 3 outstanding warrants and hindering

2nd detail
1 Person arrested for warrants and hindering
1 Person arrested for controlled dangerous substance 

3rd detail
2 People arrested for possession of a controlled dangerous substance

4th detail- 
1 Arrested for DWI and possession of controlled dangerous Substance

5th detail 
2 People arrested for robbery and possession of controlled dangerous substance

The Police Department is also mixing in traffic enforcement and so far in three (3) 3-hour details, the officers have stopped 23 vehicles and issued 8 summonses.

The details will continue to be scheduled throughout the Township and the department will continue to mix both uniform and plain clothes details, which will vary throughout the week. 

“To date, the details have been successful.  They allow the officers to be more proactive because they are not handling calls on the street; the warrant arrests, several CDS (Controlled Dangerous Substance) arrests, and the robbery arrests are directly related to having the detailed officers out there” Chief Moran said in a statement issued. 

“Without the detail, the robbery suspects from Saturday night may not have been caught.  The detailed officers were able to take a proactive approach at locating the suspects and it worked.  Otherwise, locating the suspects would have been left up to a very busy patrol shift, which would only be able to look for the suspects between answering calls" Moran said.  

Moran further stated, "The officers of this department are and always have been proactive while on regular patrol.  When they have the opportunity to be detailed to something like this, they take it up a notch or two.The arrests speak for themselves.  As always, the officers of this department are out there doing a great job, “doing what they do best “, and they are among the best at doing it."


Anonymous said...

Great job gtpd... We want our town back!

Anonymous said...

Police do outstanding job. in spite of Purdy lining his pockets and his family and fellow political hacks pockets. he should be in jail. thank God he will be gone for ever on jan 1.

Anonymous said...

Proud of our Police Department. With all the latest negative publicity, its good to see Chief Patrick Moran stand behind his men, even if there are problems.

Anonymous said...

Pats a great man. doing a great job in spite of Purdy and his lap dog liston

Anonymous said...

Demos talkin again !!!!

Anonymous said...

Rs ds and u s want Purdy gone now. Purdy will fire liston before end of year. tyrell and coppola both turned out to be stooges. what a shame. city hall employees r , d and us deserve much better fate than Purdy and liston. they line there own pockets with no regard for employees and taxpayers. now, Purdy and liston take over Absecon. where have u gone mike blee. two lonely taken over by two thugs turns their lonely eyes to you. I don't know how coppolla and dr. mister, poobaa tyrell sleep. hey ulman , how did council turn out for you? whoops you didn't $$$$ benefit at all , like u thought u would. go back to selling beads and baubles.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the extra patrols did lead to more arrests but this doesn't solve the problem of needing to hire more cops for the street all the time. Since the conversation has taken a different turn off the beat and track, I will add my two cents. Don Purdy used to be good for Galloway. I think his contracts and influence in other towns have made his head to big for Galloway. we are not the Sonny McCullough town where we need a Mayor like him. The Mayor should be nothing more than a figure head, no pun intended. Purdy has taken the town like his own personal fiefdom and removed everyone that didn't smile at him. There's a post on another story that said there is a female that has the balls to go up against Purdy. I believe that entirely. I also believe Purdy doesn't have a chance against her when push comes to shove. Purdy's skeletons have a way of ending up in the hands of those law enforcement officials, if they haven't already. The unfortunate part is those that are associated with Don Purdy, will end up in a cross fire they can't get out of. Maybe this time, it's up to Purdy to come clean about everything wrong he has done, including against employees like Smith and Tilton. Those that try to defend Purdy, only look like they have something to hide themselves. Advice, cut all ties while you can. Purdy's days on council are limited. Tick-Tock

Anonymous said...

last post is dead on. Purdy implodes in mid September. cowards tyrell and coppola wimp out as usual and nothing. ulman realized being on council is not what she expected. there was no financial gain 4 her. she never learned from Purdy to use your position to line your and your yes mens pockets. the last 4 years must have been hard on her as there wasn't the financial gain she expected. in last ditch effort Purdy fires liston after making him scapegoat for all the problems Purdy created. again, the two wimps, tyrell and coopolla stand by and do what they akways do. nothing. mike blee intercedes thru buffers to save Absecon before Purdy and liston ruin Absecon like they did Galloway. where have morons price and Mitchell been ? Galloway actually misses bill trask now. bill was rough around edges but cared about Galloway. he would be challenging Purdy at council if he was alive. haven't heard from hillbilly giberson for a while. why does deny always praise this ignorant bumpkin ?

Anonymous said...

hey moran, arrest Purdy for impersonating a mayor

Anonymous said...

Haha. Try finding Purdy. Where has Rossi been? He only comes out when his buddy Franko gets called out. Guess our local business guy doesn't support the mayor. Bahahahha. Calling out OPRA requesters too. Purdy did that and got sued.

Anonymous said...

Give Mayor Purdy a break. He has done good for Galloway. Let see, he balanced the budget.....wait no that was Arch Liston. Hmm, okay, maybe in his 4 years he hasn't done much but collect a salary that he bashed Mooney for trying to give up. Raise the fees for developers to apply for applications, but wait...he encourages commercial development. Yea Okay Purdy. He raises his own rates through his Republican friends on Council that resulted in the Chief not wanting to be associated with the Mayor anymore. So much for those family vacations to Myrtle Beach for Bike Week or vacations to Vegas. Let see, he cost the Township Millions in lawsuits and legal fees then hires his personal attorney to try to sue someone by using taxpayer money and facilitates that by...well, let say, let the ACPO handle those alleged charges against the Mayor. What else....I see no reason to vote for Don Purdy, unless there was a vote to GET HIM OUT. Bye bye biddy Purdy. I guess that deal with Kleiner and Tyrrell for Mayor is really working out well for you. I think we need Kleiner back on Council to take out the trash one more time.

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