Sunday, January 19, 2014

Township Hires Accountant Earning $14,000 Higher Than Starting Salary for that Position

Galloway Township has hired a new Accountant after possibly leaving the position vacant since March 2012. 

According to payroll records the position was previously held by long term employee Kristen Manning from February 2005 till March 2012. On December 10, 2013 the Township hired Nelie R. Yee with a salary of $49,000. 

Yee was hired making $14,000 more than the starting salary for that position. According to Yee's resume and application obtained by an Open Public Records Request, Yee previously worked for Swartz & Co., LLC in Mays Landing as a Staff Accountant for over seven (7) years. Yee was hired by Galloway with a salary that is also $2,000 more than former employee Manning.

Manning left the Township after seven (7) years earning a salary of $47,726. According to the Township's salary ordinance adopted on December 10, 2013, the salary range for the Accountant position is from $35,000 to $55,000. 

Yee joins the ranks in the Finance Office with fellow employees Christian Johansen and Marilyn Dolcy. The Township hired former  Republican League Treasurer, Christian Johansen in July 2013

Johansen was hired as the Township's Controller with a salary of $79,000. According to purchase orders released by the Township, Johansen is currently attending the required courses by Rutgers Center for Government Services in order to obtain the Tax Collector certification. Johansen replaced Al Stanley who served as the Township's Tax Collector & Controller, earning a salary of $82,000. 

Dolcy who is Yee's Department Head was hired in 2011 as the Chief Financial Officer. According to payroll records released by the Township, Dolcy is earning a salary of $106,050 in 2013. 

A payroll consisting of these three (3) employees in the Finance office that nets over $234,000 annually. 

Several employees over the past two years were let go by the Township due to severe budget cuts and constraints, resulting in some accepting a voluntary layoff from the Township. Others were reduced to part-time status further resulting in those employees seeking full-time employment elsewhere. 


Anonymous said...

What ever happened to working and earning a salary higher than the last person. Yet this is Galloway.

Anonymous said...

And Tilton strikes again. Watchdog of Galloway. Nice Job!

Anonymous said...

It's time Galloway creates a Personnel Committee with one councilman from each party and a civilian. There is no oversight and this leads to hiring unqualified or uncertified friends and friends of friends.
Jim McElwee

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