Thursday, January 23, 2014

D’Arcy Johnson Day Files Lawsuit Regarding April Kauffman Murder

Today, the Law Firm of D’Arcy Johnson Day in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey filed documents in federal court involving the April Kauffman murder case on behalf of DJD’s client, Kimberly Pack, the daughter of April.  

The lawsuit was initiated by April’s husband, Dr. James Kauffman, against a life insurance company seeking the monetary proceeds of April’s life insurance policies.

“Kimberly Pack, and the entire D’Arcy Johnson Day Law Firm, are committed to protecting Kimberly’s rights in this matter after she has been brought into the lawsuit through no fault of her own.  While we continue to undertake a massive investigation on our own, we ask that members of the Linwood community, and particularly those that knew April Kauffman, who have relevant information about the murder, to please contact us through a toll free hotline we have set up at 844-DJD-TIPS,” said D’Arcy Johnson Day Lawyer Patrick D’Arcy.

Below are the prepared remarks delivered by Kimberly Pack regarding her mother:
My mom, April Kauffman was murdered in her home on May 10, 2012.  So far, no one has been charged with her murder.
Not a day goes by when I do not think about her, miss her terribly, and wish that charges were filed against the individual responsible for her murder.

Recently, I was brought into a federal lawsuit that is based upon my stepfather, Dr. James Kauffman, seeking life insurance money from policies insuring my mother’s life.

This is a very serious matter and I, along with my attorneys at D’Arcy Johnson Day, have given careful consideration to what is at stake.  This morning, through my attorneys I have filed paperwork in federal court to stop Dr. Kauffman from obtaining the money.  I have purposely tried to avoid directly talking about what happened, but now after being brought into this lawsuit, I have no choice but to respond, and begin to fight for what I know is right.  I can no longer sit back and allow what I perceive as an injustice to occur.  I know that my mother would not want me to sit silently any longer. 

I realize that my mom’s death has received a great deal of media attention.  I also want to personally thank all the members of my community who have shown an outpouring of love and thoughtfulness towards my mother, me, and my family.  I am making this short statement today in an effort to directly address the reason why I am going to court against Dr. Kauffman, as I do not want there to be any confusion on the matter.  However, it is now my hope that the civil case will be litigated in the courtroom and not through the media.  I am respectfully requesting that all future inquiries regarding this matter be directed to my attorneys and not me nor my family, as I will not be able to discuss details of the case from this point forward until the matter has concluded.  Of course, I will continue to pray that someday criminal justice may also be achieved. 

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

All about the MONEY !!!!

Anonymous said...

Mo' money Mo problems.....

Anonymous said...

Do an internet search for, "Linwood Confidential: Christie Covers Up Murderous Affair."

Interestingly April had commented on Facebook of her "on-going" battle with the Linwood Police Chief.

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