Sunday, October 20, 2013

UPDATED: Alleged Hacking of Previous Website Confirmed; New Website in Operation

See Statement by Galloway Township News Publisher - Click Here

ALERT: UPDATED: Galloway Township News has confirmed that our previous website was accessed by an unauthorized third party last night (Oct 19) at approximately 10:00pm. That third party has purposely taken our website down after trying to allegedly hijack our traffic and re-direct the website to another (unnamed page) and we were provided with that documentation to prove same. 

That documentation and the name of the individuals is being turned over to Law Enforcement for alleged website hacking.  Beware of any re-directs from our previous page to another website. That is not the intent of owner.  We urge those individuals responsible to turn the website back on. 

Galloway Township News will continue to use this new page to provide all the latest news. We are not going anywhere. 

Our Email, Facebook Page and Twitter account are not affected by this. 

Please update your favorites in your web browser to this new website address. 

You are here!!  Due to some technical difficulties beyond our control, Galloway Township News has moved our News site to a new URL. 

In anticipation of this, (due to multiple threats) we have built a new site under here.

We are still here to provide all the latest Government and Breaking News in Galloway Township and the Surrounding areas. Spread the word.

Some (outlinks) in the stories to the old site may not work, but all of the stories are here. Please be patient while we correct these minor issues. 

Thank you for reading Galloway Township News.


Anonymous said...

Glad your still here. I thought someone hacked your site to not put the videos up.

Anonymous said...

Me too. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone knows where to point fingers. Got get them Lisa. It's unacceptable behavior and they should be in jail.

Publisher said...

I am. It is being aggressively pursued. Those that feel they had unfinished business, it is now finished!

vtpat said...

I hope so Lisa. Don't let this crime go unpunished. i am tired of the corrupt slime in this area committing crimes against the public and getting away with it. I know you won't let that happen! thank you for what you do here!

Donna Ann Thomas said...

Now they will learn ... no one is ever really anonymous on the internet. And hackers can always be traced. :)

Anonymous said...

I hope we're talking about someone acting out of personal spite and not a political conspiracy. The last thing the township needs is it's own watergate.

Anonymous said...

2 weeks before election and the only site out there exposing the Mayor gets shut down. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

haters be hatin'....

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