Thursday, February 14, 2013

UPDATED: Municipal Documents Tab Updated with Galloway Township's Master Payroll Lists & CBA Contracts has updated our Municipal Documents tab designed to maintain Open Government and Transparency on Galloway Township Municipal Government. We previously updated that portion of our website to include Council Meeting Minutes from 2012. Additional minutes from 2010 and 2011 are pending release.

Our new Update includes Galloway Township's Master Payroll List from 2008 - 2013. Each document contains the employee's name, position and yearly salary for those respective years.

The Master Payroll list is another document listed on the NJ Best Practices Checklist. The requirement is as follows:

"Does your municipality make available to the public free of charge, either through an internet posting or on-site review, documents that show the current salaries of all personnel and additional documents that would allow the public to view how your municipality’s salaries have changed over a three year period?" is not a municipal owned website. It is privately owned by former clerk Lisa Tilton. Tilton who previously served as Galloway Township's Municipal Clerk understands the importance of Open Government and Transparency. 

**UPDATED** has also released the CBA contracts of Local PBA #77 Rank & File as well as Superior Officers.  We also released the employment contracts for Chief of Police Patrick Moran and Captain Allan Kane.

Other Union Contracts are scheduled to be released by the weekend. will continue to update our website with additional Municipal Documents as they become available.

Continue to Check Back for Details.


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