Sunday, February 3, 2013

Top Ten Articles for the Month of January 2013 with Lisa Tilton as the New Publisher has had a very productive and exciting New Year in capturing news with Lisa Tilton as the new Publisher. On January 18th, we announced Tilton as the new publisher of the website. During the month of January, Tilton has published over 39 articles and appeared on the Open Mic Show with Mike Assad for an exclusive interview.

We have provided below a recap of our 10 Ten Most Viewed Articles for the month of January. Click on the Title of the story you would like to read.

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Top Ten Articles for January 2013:

1. Former Clerk Lisa Tilton has become the New Publisher of

2. Publisher Offers $2,500 Reward for Information on Threats Against Former Mayor Keith Hartman.

3. Publisher Requests Township to Investigate Sick Time Payout of $18,876.18 Paid to Employees.

4. Police Arrest Female Suspect in Third CVS Robbery in Smithville.

5. Publisher Seeks Input from Public on Galloway Township; Reveal of New Publisher Upcoming.

6. Former Manager Stephen Bonanni & Former CFO Jill Gougher Documented to Receive Over $124,000 in Accumulated Leave Payout.

7. Township and Richard Stockton College to Begin Discussions on New PILOT Agreement for Stockton Seaview Hotel.

8. Council Agenda Includes $94,000 Accumulated Leave Payout to Bonanni & Gougher and a New Invocation Policy.

9. Professional Appointments Highlight of Reorganization Meeting; New Township Engineer Appointed.

10. Galloway Township Closed Post Office Located at the Municipal Complex.


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