Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Galloway Settles Lawsuit for $200,000 with Galloway Police Officer

On August 31, 2015, Galloway Township settled another employment lawsuit in the amount of $200,000; this time with Galloway Police Officer Brian Tennant. 

According to the settlement agreement, any disciplinary action against Tennant was also resolved. 

The lawsuit was filed in February 2013 against Galloway Township, Galloway Township Police Department, former Chief Patrick Moran, former Captain Allan Kane and Corporal Jerry Houck.

The lawsuit contained multiple allegations of Racial Discrimination, Retaliation and Hostile Work Environment some of which dated back to 2003. Tennant has been a  member of the Police Department since November 2000. 

Tennant claimed he was subjected to numerous disciplines including an internal investigation on workman's compensation benefits the Township claimed he mistakenly received. Tennant was later cleared of the workman's comp investigation. Tennant was also removed from the Township's SWAT Team of which the Township indicated was due to budget cuts.

In 2013 then Township Manager Arch Liston stated in a press release released by the Township, “This litigation is garbage." “We are presently putting our defense team together and look forward to our day in court.”

Former Chief of Police Patrick Moran also stated, “As it pertains to my actions and the actions of my administration, this lawsuit is full of half truths, misleading information, and inaccuracies. Unfortunately, I am prohibited by law to discuss personnel related issues/details but I am prepared to defend against any and all allegations regarding our actions and any accusations levied upon the Township during my administration. I will also be pushing the Township to counter with a frivolous lawsuit action against Tennant and his Attorney and to push for the recovery of attorney’s fees for this entire matter.”

The lawsuit was settled in August 2015 for $200,000 which is paid to Tennant and his attorneys. Officer Tennant is still employed with the Galloway Township Police Department.


Anonymous said...

If the lawsuit was full of garbage why pay $200,000?

Anonymous said...

Funny, the only garbage in that lawsuit now works for Atlantic City. How did that day in court or the counter suit work out for you fellows? What a laughingstock this township is.

Good news is that Higbee is not gonna let that crap fly on her watch.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the GTPD will get their act together now. If they can't treat one of their officers with respect, then they can't treat the general public with it. I am proud that Officer Tennant held his ground and still continues to hold his head high by showing up to work every day, even up until this day.

Anonymous said...

The township is clearly in the wrong in at least this lawsuit or one of the numerous other lawsuits that have been filed against them since 2011. It is unlikely that they just settle every single one of them for pleasure. They do it because they have no choice and because they will look worse in court.

Although the allegations made against the GTPD were never confirmed, they like all of the other township officials have cost the taxpayers money. It is sad that we are left to recover from their mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Looks like another frivolous lawsuit that was filed and settled. $200,000 for what because his feelings were hurt. Part off the settlement if he feels this way is that he should move on. Galloway police are such non professionals with a few exceptions.

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