Thursday, July 17, 2014

Division of Motor Vehicle Announces Passenger Vehicle Transportation (PVT) and You

Passenger Vehicle Transportation (PVT) plates were issued to commercial vehicles by the N.J. Motor Vehicle Commission beginning July 1, 2014 in Atlantic County. The PVT plates will aid law enforcement in identifying particular types of commercial vehicles.

The N.J. Motor Vehicle Commission issued seven new types of commercial vehicle plates for the bus community. Passenger transportation has advanced from the simple commercial buses, taxicabs or limousines. 

It has now become transportation that is provided by nursing homes, adult care centers, retirement villages, medical liveries, recreational transports, hotel buses and other transportation services. These transportation vehicles include ambulances, hotel buses, jitneys, mobility assistance vehicles, omnibus 2 (new category), paratransit and taxicabs.

All previously registered transportation vehicles will be required to re-register and will be provided with an appropriate PVT plate.

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Pictured left to right are:  President of the Atlantic City Jitney Association Tom Woodruff, MVC Inspection Services Manager Jim Arose, MVC Chairman and Chief Administrator Raymond P. Martinez, President of Atlantic City's Yellow Cab Company Paul Rosenberg, Supervisor of Atlantic County's Fleet Management Shawn McGinty, Atlantic County Transportation Supervising Omnibus Operator Thea Mills, MVC Inspection Services Director Tom Bednarz and Atlantic County Program Coordinator for Non-Emergency Transportation Joseph O'Neill.

Staff Writer Amy Landicini


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