Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Republicans Have Preliminarily Won the Race for Galloway Council; County and School Results

In what has already been labeled as one of the most heated races to every hit Galloway Township, the results are finally here.

Republicans Frank Gargione, Robert Maldonado, Timothy Meadows Sr. and incumbent Mayor Don Purdy have preliminarily won the race for Galloway Council, according to the Atlantic County Website.

Frank Gargione lead in votes out of all of the eight candidates with 4,528 votes. 

Robert Maldonado followed behind with 4,445 votes. Meadows Sr. also had 4,439 votes.

Falling behind in fourth place with a 307 vote difference is incumbent Mayor Don Purdy. Purdy brought in 4,132 votes. 

Only 146 votes behind Purdy is Democrat incumbent Councilman Jim McElwee with 3,986 votes. Democrat candidates Bill Montag brought in 3,935 votes. Mike Suleiman had 3,770 and Cliff Sudler had 3,742 votes.

According to Republican Officials, after absentee ballots are still being counted, Purdy still remains in fourth place with now only 50 votes ahead of McElwee. 

The Atlantic County Clerks Office still needs to certify the results.

County Results:
Republican Freeholder Rich Dase remains in his seat with 7,934 votes. His opponent Democrat Brandi Endicott brought in 5,862 votes. 

Republican-Elect Will Pauls wins the At-Large Freeholder seat with 32,280 votes. His opponent Democrat Bard Shober brought in 28,859 votes. 

Local School Board Results (Vote for 3):
Rosemary Hollway had 4,110 votes
Beverly Evensen had 3,773 votes
Suzette Cordero had 3,708 votes

Regional School Board Results (Vote for 2):
Vicki Hood had 3,444 votes
Carol Houck had 2,755 votes
Douglas Shiner had 2,722 votes


Anonymous said...

Go OneGalloway!

Anonymous said...

Galloway votes for more personal contracts, more lawsuits and higher taxes. Only in NJ with a Governor that purposely changes elections just to secure votes. If only Christie knew how he screwed Galloway with giving us Purdy back. What a waste.

Unknown said...

Here we go Again, sell some more Equipment, layoff some more workers, just to make end's meet' good luck Galloway. You asked for it now you got it .

Joe said...

Now were f@*^%ed!

Anonymous said...

Well, if you don't like the results, you're welcome to put your home up for sale. Right Ron? Does that mean you're moving? I can name a few people that would make Galloway a better place if they moved.

Anonymous said...

OK....let's get all the litter (read as political signs) cleaned up and move on....tough one to digest but so be it.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes intense reporting, to put it mildly, can have an opposite effect on a situation. Like Fox News, Galloway Township News seems have an overload of information to report. The public can't or doesn't want to digest all that is shoveled at them. Time to turn it down a notch? Remember if you give a person enough rope, they will ultimately hang themselves.

Anonymous said...

10:57 anonymous is spoken like a person that doesn't even live in Galloway!

Publisher said...

Anonymous with what appears to be a paranoia problem, your comment will not be posted. Your comment does not fit GTN's Terms of Use. No further explanation is required to be provided. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Did they process the absentee ballots yet? if not, do you know when they will?

Publisher said...

They are being processed by the County. Very preliminary reports are being released but the County should certify the votes by early next week. The numbers are still showing all four Republicans as winning.

Anonymous said...

So you people really think McElwee is gonna win a seat? Not gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

As a dog goes back to its vomit, so a fool repeats his stupidity. -Proverbs 26:11

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ referring to the re-election of Obama?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@ 9:59
Just as you can look at the state of our country and wonder how in the world could Americans re-elect such a horrible President with such a bad record, You can say the same for Galloway Township residents. In most cases, someone that has had multiple lawsuits, an out of control government, and numerous ethics violations would have been kicked out of office. In Galloway (especially in the Republican party), that gets you re-elected. In both cases it shows ill informed sheeple, and the power of a political party.

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