Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Attempted Car Stop Leads to Chase; Several Drivers Arrested and Large Quantity of Drugs Found

On March 2, 2015 at approximately 11:02 PM Sergeant Matt Landicini and Patrolman Pat Aiken were traveling north on St. Louis Avenue when a Silver Buick ran the stop sign at Arago Street and St. Louis Avenue almost colliding with their patrol car.  

The Officers attempted to initiate a motor vehicle stop at which point the vehicle failed to pull over and continued north on St. Louis Avenue for several blocks before coming to a stop at Campe Street.  

As officers approached the vehicle they observed the driver, later identified as Harold Miller, 33-year-old male from Atlantic City quickly open his door, throw his feet out the door, pull an item from his waistband and attempt to flee on foot.  

Officers were able to quickly approach the driver, which subsequently made him get back into the car.  The driver then drove off almost striking both of the officers.  A pursuit was initiated heading north on St. Louis Avenue then east on Claudius Street.  

While behind the vehicle officers observed several items  being thrown out the drivers’ side window, which were later recovered.  The vehicle came to a quick stop at the intersection of Breman and Claudius where the driver then fled the scene.

A foot chase started as Patrolman Coney, Patrolman Kienzle, and Detective Soliman arrived.  Officers were able to quickly locate the suspect and take him into custody after a brief struggle.  

During the arrest a second vehicle driven by Breanna Smalls, 23-year-old female from Mays Landing, and its passenger, Aleeah Smalls 19-year-old female from Mays Landing pulled up to the scene.  

Detective Soliman started to approach the females at which time the driver quickly exited her car and ran into the original car involved in the incident leaving the scene with it.  Officers quickly took off after the car south on Bremen Avenue attempting to stop it.  

After about a mile chase the car went off the roadway coming to a stop just prior to the White Horse Pike where officers were able to take the second driver Breanna Smalls, into custody.  

At the initial scene, Detective Soliman, who stayed with the second vehicle that pulled up, observed the passenger lock the doors and jump into the drivers seat.  

The now driver, Aleeah Smalls put the car into drive, while Detective Soliman was in front of it and attempted to pull away.  Detective Soliman was able to reach into the drivers’ side window and throw the car in park just prior to being struck.  

The driver who refused to comply with orders was removed from the vehicle and eventually taken into custody.  Several officers from Hamilton Township Police Department and Galloway Township Police Department arrived on location to assist.  

After all parties were apprehended and the scene was secured the following items were located:

163 bags of Heroin
10 grams of Cocaine
20 grams of Marijuana 
16 Vicodin pills packaged for sale
1,600.00 Dollars in cash

Harold Miller was charged with several counts for Possession of CDS, Possession with intent to distribute, Possession while on school property, Eluding, Resisting Arrest, and Obstruction, along with numerous motor vehicle violations.  Bail was set at 75,000 full cash and Miller was taken to the Atlantic County Justice Facility.

Breanna Smalls was charged with Eluding and Obstruction along with several motor vehicle violations.  Bail was set at 25,000 full cash and Smalls was taken to the Atlantic County Justice Facility.

Aleeah Smalls was charged with Aggravated assault on a police officer, Obstruction, and Resisting arrest.  Bail was set at 20,000 Full cash and Smalls was taken to the Atlantic County Justice Facility.


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Great job GTPD!!!

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great job ehcpd and gtpd been getting crazy in ehc glad to see its not going unanswered

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