Monday, February 2, 2015

Second Fatality; Second Brand Reported in Heroin Overdoses in Atlantic & Cumberland County

ATLANTIC COUNTY – The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office alerted the public Saturday evening to a high number of suspected heroin overdoses on that day, and of a heroin brand, stamped “1 Stop,” in purple, linked to some of the incidents.
Since then, the reported number of suspected heroin overdoses during the weekend increased to approximately one dozen (12) confirmed in Atlantic County—including a second fatality, Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain said
It has also been reported that, during the same weekend, approximately twenty (20) overdoses in total were treated at three local South Jersey hospitals that serve both Atlantic and Cumberland Counties.

Two different stamped brands were located at some of the overdose scenes in Atlantic County. In addition to the brand reported over the weekend, with bags stamped in purple lettering:
“1 Stop”
a second brand, stamped:
“hunger games”
has been found at some incident scenes. Preliminary reports have linked both brands to overdoses in which victims survived, and to the fatalities, although the determination with certainty of the sources of the heroin and the cause of death are pending further investigation and toxicological analysis.
The Atlantic County overdoses occurred both in Atlantic City and in mainland municipalities.
This alert is directed to all citizens. Those who see someone who appears to be in medical distress should call 9-1-1.
Prosecutor McClain reminds the public that New Jersey’s Overdose Prevention Act ensures that those who seek help for themselves or others experiencing an overdose is immune from arrest, charges, prosecution, or conviction “for obtaining, possessing, using, being under the influence of, or failing to make lawful disposition of,” drugs.
The purpose of this alert is to save lives.

Anyone with information that may help the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office locate the source of this heroin and prevent further overdose victims are asked to contact us at 609-909-7666.


Unknown said...

Stop posting the name of the the stamp. An addicts mind is fd up and they want that stuff of course there were more overdoses because they were told what kind can get you really fd up off of a less amount which equals less money. Its sad but true.

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