Monday, June 16, 2014

Second Tort Claim Filed By Hamilton Township Manager Against Committeewoman Aline Dix

Committeewoman Aline Dix
As Hamilton Township Committeewoman Aline Dix settles claims in a lawsuit she filed against Hamilton Township, the Township Manager has now filed a second tort claims notice against Dix. 

In the first tort claim filed on May 8, 2014, Jacobs, who is represented by Arthur Murray Esq., from the law firm of Jacobs & Barbone in Atlantic City, alleged that Dix made certain statements on or about February 12, 2014, before the Hamilton Township Utilities Authority wherein she "attributed violations of the law to claimant Michael Jacobs. Said comments represent defamation in the form of slander per se". Murray alleges in the Tort claim that the damages include ridicule, humiliation, and loss of reputation.

Now in the second tort claim filed on June 9, 2014, Jacobs alleged on or about March 13, 2014, Aline Dix, in her capacity as elected official for the Township of Hamilton came into possession of certain confidential information related to Jacobs. Jacobs continued to alleged that upon information and belief, at one or multiple times after March 13, 2014, Aline Dix disclosed and/or conveyed that confidential information to third parties who were not authorized to receive it, including to the general public and/or media. 

Jacobs alleges that violation was a breach of confidentiality, a breach of fiduciary duty, and invasion of privacy. Jacobs is seeking damages that include ridicule, humiliation, and loss of reputation. 

Jacobs tort claim is only aimed at Dix and no one else on Township Committee. Township Committee did approve a Resolution that would authorize legal fees to be paid at an amount not to exceed $135.00 per hour. It is unclear if those fees are for this case against Dix or for another case in which Jacobs needs legal representation. 

In a joint statement previously issued by all parties involved in the original settled litigation it was stated that "the issues between Committeewoman Aline Dix and the Township of Hamilton have been resolved to the satisfaction of the parties. All interested parties agree that this was accomplished in such a manner that the personal interests involved were set aside so as to promote the best interests of the Township and it's residents". 

That statement does not reflect the continued issues between the Township Manager and Committeewoman Aline Dix. 


Anonymous said...

Well, all I can say, is if Mr. Jacobs didn't do anything wrong, he wouldn't have to worry about things getting in the wrong hands!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is the only person doing anything wrong is Dix. She can't transition from gadfly, know it all, to elected official. Hasn't accomplished anything in 2 years. DISGRACE

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