Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Large Party Out of Control Turns into Multiple Arrests for Recent Car Burglaries in Galloway

On May 11, 2014 at 12:37 a.m., Galloway Township Police responded to the 700 block of Second Avenue for a large party out of control.

During the investigation of the large party out of control and individuals fighting at a local motel, stolen property and a shotgun was observed.  

Search warrants were obtained and numerous items previously reported stolen from car burglaries two nights prior were recovered.  

The incidents involved motor vehicle burglaries, theft, unlawful possession of a weapon, receiving stolen property, and possession of CDS.

James Putney, 20 of Galloway, Joseph Kovsh, 19 of Galloway, and Phillip Vogelman, 19 of Egg Harbor City were arrested. 

Complaints were signed and all three were transported to the Atlantic County Justice Facility in default of bail.

Ptl. Kerry Baerman and Det. Brian Casey were the investigating Officers.


Anonymous said...

Good job.

Anonymous said...

It's crazy because I went to school with Joe and I no he was a huge trouble maker but his lat year or two he was doing so good with A's and B's no one could believe how good he was doing but I was so proud of him. I hope he gets his shit straight again I no he can't afford all this trouble I no he can be good I had seen it.

Roseanne said...

What school is this that you don't know the difference between "no" and "know". Your grammar is horrible too.

Anonymous said...

Galloway Police won my respect again. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Those r boys n they got to tht situation where they needed to make money to eat because our country and government can't support their own people but can rob us out of the millions we pay for taxes

Anonymous said...

The spelling from above is atrocious! They steal and break the law because they need money and food? It's called "get a fucking job." McDonald's is hiring, WaWa is hiring. There are plenty of places hiring if you actually look. But since we have no food or money, miraculously we DO have money for alcohol, drugs, and weapons! WOW!!!!!
Seems like these boys and their parents need to be hit..... Losers.

Anonymous said...

Crazy how time toys by I seen this boys since a young age. When you in the wrong things happen. God shows how you want to change your life because. It only gets worse and worse

Anonymous said...

Im Glad Karma Caught Up With Them. It Was ABout Damn Time. (Pardon My French) And They Are From Gami And Taught By The Brillant Teachers There. Proud To Be A Brave Alumni.

Anonymous said...

Went to school with those guys, once a scumbag, always a scumbag. They'll be life offenders for sure. Keep Galloway from going the way of Pleasantville, lock up the scumbags before it's too late!

Anonymous said...

Leave the parents out of this.....Plenty of grown child from the wealthiest and great homes get in trouble as well..... Everyone makes their own choices, and everyone deserves a second chance,

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