Sunday, April 6, 2014

Health Department Complaints? Does the Township Know About Them and What are Those Complaints?

Ever wonder what happens to those Municipal complaints that are filed with the Atlantic County Health Department? Does the Township know about those complaints?

In a recent interview with a local Business owner in Galloway Township, we were asked, "doesn't the Township know about complaints made to the Health Department?"  Our immediate response was "of course they know." The Atlantic County Health Department submits a report monthly to each municipality of any complaints filed with their agency. 

To ascertain this request by the Business owner, who requested to remain anonymous, we submitted an Open Public Records Request to Galloway Township Clerk TC Kay for these records. We immediately received a response from Kay stating, "Galloway Township's Custodian of Record believes that you have submitted this OPRA request to the wrong agency. It would perhaps be more productive if you contacted the Atlantic County Health Department to ascertain these documents."

Our first thought in reading Ms. Kay's email was "how could that be?" Of course Galloway Township receives those reports, so why wouldn't they admit to receiving them or even retaining them for their own records?

After several emails back to Ms. Kay explaining how the Township receives these reports and the Township has to keep them of file, all of which she or a representative wouldn't reply to, we finally received the documents from the Township on the last day our OPRA Request was due. Clearly as indicated on the documents the Township Clerk's Office stamped them in as received several months ago for 2013 Reports. 

Regardless, given the amount of complaints not only about businesses but also about homes in Galloway that many feel they maybe living in what would be described as deplorable conditions, we felt the report should be released to the public. 

The reason for the initial request was to ask, if complaints are being filed, is there anything being done to clean up those businesses or homes? The answer is mostly in the reports. The continued complaints to the same businesses only shows nothing additional is being done. Would public exposure help in cleaning up the businesses and the community? Perhaps!

Several motels along the White Horse Pike have been sited for Bed Bugs. Several homes have overflowing septics and several businesses have complaints of patrons becoming sick after eating at their establishments. Now, you wouldn't normally hear about these unless a full fledge media frenzy occurred, but here at Galloway Township News, we believe if the information is there and can be released, the Public should be aware. 

We have released the reports as provided by the Township of Galloway. They will also remain on this site in the tab called "Galloway Municipal Documents." So check it out.

Anyone with additional questions or information regarding Municipal complaints are encouraged to contact us at and we will investigate them. 


Anonymous said...

WOW. Who Would've thought unless put out there. I appreciate the read!

Anonymous said...

I am thankful you released this but I am equally disgusted at the businesses in town that have disregard to the patrons. Clean up your act or no one will continue to go there.

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