Friday, January 25, 2013

Township Employees Recognized by Council for Their Years of Service

Every January Council recognizes employees who have served the Township for many years with hard work and dedication. This year was no different as sixteen employees received pins and plaques for their years of service. 

The following employees were recognized for 2013:

25 Years of Service
Melinda Ade - Public Works
Jack Bowden - Public Works
Thomas Davey - Police Department

20 Years of Service
Raymond Casanova - Police Department

15 Years of Service
Ron Schreiber - Public Works
Jody Smith - Tax Assessors Office

10 Years of Service
William Ade - Dispatcher
Justin Butler - Police Department
Gary Dooner, Sr. - Public Works
Donna Higbee - Police Department
Kevin Jorgensen - Police Department
William Klein - Police Department
Pamela Lewis - GTV
Hiram Melendez - Police Department
Christopher McGinty - Police Department
Kevin Welsh - Police Department

GallowayTwpNews would like to say Congratulations and give our sincere Thanks to all of the employees serving Galloway Township.


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