Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Publisher Seeks Input from Public on Galloway Township; Reveal of New Publisher Upcoming

New Publisher of is seeking information from the Public as to what Information about Galloway Township piques the public's interest. As the new Publisher, I can rely upon statistics from traffic, but I would rather hear from you, the resident, the public, the community and business owners. under former Publisher Harry B. Scheeler, Jr. was innovative reporting on transparency and open government. That investigative style reporting and demanding of open government will continue under my operation. 

As the new Publisher, I intend to start 2013 with hard core reporting of transparency, open government, accountability and pressuring the elected officials not only at our Local Level, but also at our State Level to do what is right for Galloway Township residents and community. 

Many question and wonder when the reveal of the New Publisher of will be announced. I can assure everyone, the announcement is coming and will most likely happen in the month of January.

In the interim, I am requesting all of our readers, business owners and residents of Galloway Township to submit either through email at or by leaving a comment at the bottom of this story with what you would like to see investigated and published.  

We will review and investigate anything from Galloway's Budget, Commercial Developments, Residential Developments, Planning and Zoning Board Decisions and Applications, Council Appointments, new and existing Laws and Ordinances, Revenue Ideas. You name it, we will research it.

You can remain anonymous or you can provide your information. Any information you provide directly to this Publisher and not in the public's view will remain under the NJ Shield Law, unless you the individual direct this Publisher otherwise to use your information.

As Publisher, I intend to research everything provided. I will only report on facts and documentation. If you give me a tip and I can verify and prove what you have is credible and reliable; the story and investigation will be published. 

I would like to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy 2013. 


Capt J Hook said...

you could start with all of Steve B's lieutenants.. and work down ...that easy

Anonymous said...

It would be much more productive to know who we are dealing with. I am not comfortable making suggestions to an unknown party.

Publisher said...

Capt J Hook,

Can you provide more specific information? You can provide here or by email at

Anonymous said...

Please continue investigating Steve Bonanni. It is clear that Galloway Township officials will continue to protect this guy for whatever reason. Probably to protect themselves at this point.

He needs to be forced to own his actions and inappropriate behavior that has cost this town hundreds of thousands of dollars and loss of trust in the government at the local level. Do the people of Galloway Township right and do the work that should have been done long ago and bring this guy to justice. We're all standing here with eggs on our face in the wake of this guy's actions.

Anonymous said...

you might start by hiring a headline writer ('reveal of new publisher upcoming'), a spell checker (it's 'piqued' not 'peeked'), and an editor ('the investigative style reporting and demanding of open government') just one of a few mangled syntax...nevertheless GL and keep 'em honest...

Publisher said...

The word of Piqued is fixed. Thanks for your suggestions and support

Anonymous said...

2 issues are most recently very annoying... payout of $211,000 in unused sick and vacation time to employees retiring and laid off. How do we know that these people were really entitled to the benefits. Maybe this was comp time accumulated. Like the CFO some jobs are exempt from comp benefits. Not enough has been revealed to us the taxpayers and "employers". Secondly the township just settled on one of numerous lawsuits - township clerk - we taxpayers do not know how much was given and how that is paid for - increase in taxes? If the behavior by former employees/management was inappropriate shouldn't they be responsible for their behavior and the consequences? I don't get it.


Concerned citizen

Anonymous said...

Has a contracted been awarded to the new Purdy Automotive facility to service all of the Galloway Municipal vehicles? If so, what are the details?

Publisher said...

No contract(s) have been been awarded to the new Purdy Automotive facility for any of Galloway's Municipal vehicles.

Don Purdy only has a Police Towing Contract which he has had for years.

Hope this answers your question. Thank you for your inquiry.

Anonymous said...

Here is an excerpt from this story...

"Purdy’s garage will have the capacity to work on 16 vehicles at once. The second story of the building is where Purdy’s staff will work on municipal vehicles, and will be home to Purdy’s office."

Publisher said...

It is my understanding and I have also reached out to Mr. Purdy to verify, but the second floor of the building will be for Administrative Offices. If any "municipal" vehicles are being worked on, it will be other municipalities through whatever contract Mr. Purdy procures through the proper bidding process.

Galloway Township does not have a maintenance contract with Mr. Purdy. Galloway has their own municipal garage located on Carton Avenue.

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