Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Township Advertises Request for Proposals on Special Counsel to Handle Records Management

Galloway Township has posted an advertisement on their Official Website requesting Proposals for a position of Special Counsel to handle Records Management. According to the advertisement, one of the Township's minimum requirements for this position is "Advanced working knowledge of OPRA, DARM and GRC."  According to the Advertisement, all Sealed Responses are due to the Township Clerk by Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 11:00 AM.
Through various Open Public Records Requests, the Township over the past year has been under intense scrutiny by former publisher of Harry B. Scheeler, Jr.  Scheeler is reported as having approximately 18 outstanding GRC complaints against the Township. The Township also had to defend at least two OPRA Lawsuits, both of which have been settled.
The Township has contracted with various Law firms over the past year in order to serve as Special Counsel either for litigation or to train employees as required by the Joint Insurance Fund. According to Legal Bills, Township Solicitor Michael Fitzgerald has been reviewing OPRA Requests in conjunction with Township Clerk TC Kay. Fitzgerald has also answered multiple GRC Complaints on behalf of the Township. 
As it pertains to the addition of another Attorney and the estimated cost the Township will incur, we requested comment from Mayor Don Purdy, Members of Council, Township Manager Arch Liston and Township Solicitor Michael Fitzgerald. Our request for comment went unanswered by all officials. 
We will follow up on the appointment as well as report on the legal fees incurred by Township for this Professional.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this the Clerk's job to know this and to disperse the requested information according to the law? If so,why are we, the people, paying for a full time ,full pay clerk and getting less than what we bargained for? Galloway, not what you know, who you know.I wonder if the so called business people on council would have this at their respective businesses?

Capt J Hook said...

What ? did they find a empty pocket that needs filling we go again it will never stop .

Anonymous said...

Great, since someone, who is friends with the township manager, cant do their job, now we have to hire someone else to help. So who do we have to lay off to pay for the incompetence?

Anonymous said...

Galloway like a business by brilliant So the business men have an employee that cannot perform their duties clearly laid out in the company job description (statutes). The brilliant businessman:

A) hires another employee to perform the job the original employee hired to perform the job cannot / will not do

B) Fires the first employee and hires the employee that can / will perform the job they are hired to perform.

Answer: A....why? because they are paying with OPM. That classroom is why government is NOT a business...duh!

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