Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Closed Post Office Building Now Becomes Home to the Historical Society

Just about a month after the Township's Post Office closed it doors for good, Council will re-open the doors and allow the Township's Historical Society to move in. The Historical Society which was created by Ordinance in 1987, is recognized as an official agency of the Township.

According to the Township ordinance, the Historical Society has the responsibility of researching, preserving and maintaining information and memorabilia relating to the establishment, growth and development of the Township. The Township must also give consideration in the annual budget in order to support the work of the Historical Society. 

The historical society lead by Robert Reid will begin to transfer items from the Township's current Historical Room which is located within the Township complex to their new building just a couple feet away. 

The old post office will still be occupied by the Township's GTV television station as well as offices that are located on the second floor. The Historical Society will only take up a portion of the main floor.

Ken Sooy Sr., the Town Historian requested anyone from the public who may have historical pictures or artifacts can either come to an open house where the items will be reviewed and copied or they can contact Sooy directly. Sooy provided his home number (609) 652-7844, cell number (609) 442-1969 and his email address:, for anyone from the public to contact him regarding the Historical Society.

The Historical Society holds an Open House at the Municipal Complex every 2nd Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., unless otherwise listed. The next open house is February 9, 2013. Everyone is encouraged to attend.


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