Saturday, October 8, 2016

Galloway Police Warn Residents About "Creepy Clown" Sightings

Over the course of the last two weeks, several Galloway Township residents have reported sightings of people wearing clown masks. 
Galloway Township Police responded to all calls that were reported and were unable to locate any of these subjects.  Additionally, a concerning photo of our high school has been posted to social media by an anonymous “creepy clown.”  
We have investigated each and every incident thoroughly and it appears these actions were pranks, similar to those seen around the country.  We are closely monitoring the situation and have increased patrols in the vicinity of our schools as well as recreational areas as a precaution. 

Although we live in a safe community, a simple prank can get out of control resulting in danger for all involved.  Residents and everyone involved should be aware that these incidents are at the very least a breach of the peace, which will result in charges against the perpetrators when apprehended.  
From Galloway Township Police Department


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