Sunday, September 8, 2013

Each Galloway Township Volunteer Fire Departments to Receive $30,000 for Aid from the Township

Galloway Township Fire Departments have been waiting months for their yearly $30,000 Aid Payments they normally receive from the Township earlier in the year. 

Galloway Township Council is scheduled to finally vote on the $30,000 payments at the September 10, 2013 Council Meeting as listed on the Bill List. 

The Volunteer Fire Companies of Bayview, Oceanville, Pomona, Germania and South Egg Harbor will each receive $30,000 a piece which is the much needed Aid from the Township.

Galloway Township Fire Companies are Volunteer Fire Companies that operate on donations and yearly Aid from the Township. It is our opinion, the Township held the payments pending the outcome of an investigation in each Department which was launched by Township Manager Arch Liston. 

Earlier this year, Liston hired a Private Investigator to investigate statistical anomalies appearing between each Fire Company. The outcome of that investigation has yet to be released by the Township. 

After several Open Public Records Requests for the report, the Township continues to deny access. Township Clerk has stated, "The requested documents are presently exempt under OPRA exceptions N.J.S.A. 47:1A-1.1 Inter-agency or intra-agency advisory, consultative or deliberative material and N.J.S.A. 47:1A-3.a 20) Ongoing investigations – any records pertaining to an investigation in progress by any public agency if disclosure of such record or records shall be detrimental to the public interest."

Township Council is schedule to vote on a Resolution, "Recognizing Certification of the Qualified Participants from Galloway Volunteer Fire Departments in the LOSAP for Calendar Year 2012", which could be a result of the Investigation. 

Details regarding the investigation by the Township was to verify a point system utilized by all Fire Departments as required in the LOSAP program, as confirmed by several members of the Township Fire Department. The point system is used in order to determine the qualification of each member into the LOSAP program per year. will continue to request a copy of the LOSAP investigative report and publish our findings once received. 


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