Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Democratic Council Candidate Cliff Sudler says Galloway Police Department is Understaffed and Overworked

Crime is rising in Galloway Township because there are not enough police officers on the streets to do the job effectively. Galloway has asked for and received concessions from the police to help save money.  Officers willingly gave up monetary benefits to avoid layoffs that would cut services to the Township.

Nonetheless, the Republican-controlled administration did lay off police officers and didn’t fill retired officers’ positions in order to keep taxes down. Furthermore, even with the increased crime the police are still being asked, and are willing, to make concessions to step up patrols and other operations to protect and serve the citizens of Galloway.
A recent Press article discussing crime in Galloway states “from 2010 to 2012 the township has seen calls for police service increase 32 percent from 29,950 to 39,602.” Coupling these numbers with the fact that the police force has been reduced from 60 officers to 49 officers, it’s plain to see that the men and women of the Galloway Police Department are understaffed and overworked. 
Meanwhile, other Press articles reveal surrounding towns are hiring officers. Galloway has not been able to do the same because of the financial mismanagement of the current and past Republican- controlled administrations. The money that was, and is, being wasted on lawsuits could have been used to protect the community.  
Galloway needs to stop sacrificing the safety of its citizens in order to save money and look for other means such as bringing in more businesses and ratables to offset taxes. 
Cliff Sudler


Anonymous said...

I whole hearted agree. Nicely said Cliff.

Anonymous said...

The Police Department needs more cops. We need to be more secure in our neighborhoods and right now I dont see it with the limited amount of cops on the road.

Liberty Happiness said...

I am concern with the police force in Galloway TWP being over worked and under staff. A lack of police officer my lead to more crime in certain high density neighborhoods which lead to lower property value that leads to lower tax revenue. It can be a downward spiral!

This article is the opinion of Cliff Sudler and is not factual because of the lack of source and links. What are the dates of the press article and the name of the writer?

Anonymous said...

We don't need more taxes.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Purdy take his DP Towing truck to a Republican Fundraiser for himself! Nothing like mixing business with politics. Only the PURDY Way!

Anonymous said...

It must be getting close to election time and it's about democrat over spending and higher taxes!

a few seconds ago · Like

Anonymous said...

Disgusted by this article. No facts, no news, just a political agenda on the part of the Democrats and the publisher of this site. I am an undecided voter, I am neither Republican nor Democrat but I will not allow sites like this or other media outlets to influence my vote. I enjoy your investigative reporting articles but if I continue to see influential political tactics used I will find my local news elsewhere. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps someone should look into Sudler's record of attendance at the county level. If I recall when he ran against Dennis Levenson it was a disgrace.

Also, it was the Republicans that had built of the police force after years of not enough officers under the Democrats. Sudler get your facts straight

Anonymous said...

Though Cliff did not name the author or name of the article, all the information is public knowledge for anyone to access. Guess it depends on your level of concern if you take the time.

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