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Freeholder Joe McDevitt Calls Remarks Made by Keith Davis, Atlantic County Republican Chairman "False and Unsubstantiated"

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Freeholder Joe McDevitt issued an exclusive response to, calling a statement made by Atlantic County Chairman Keith Davis, "false and unsubstantiated." 

Davis issued an undated Press Release on the Atlantic County Republican's website, of which we provided below, calling upon Incumbent Freeholder Candidate Joe McDevitt to "denounce hateful rhetoric from his campaign."

McDevitt issued a statement exclusively to calling Davis's press release "childish, false and unsubstantiated." Davis accused McDevitt's campaign of attacking Atlantic County Vice-Chair Maureen Bugdon.  Online Facebook comments made by Ron Filan, campaign Manager to Congressman Frank LoBiondo, indicated this individual stated, "that because she dates a Democrat that she is no longer qualified to be a leader in the Republican Party and entitled to her own opinions."  According to McDevitt, the comment was referring to a personal relationship between Bugdon and Democrat Roy Foster.

McDevitt responded stating that the individual who made the comments about Bugdon is "not associated" with him or his re-election campaign. McDevitt further stated he does not even know the individual that Davis is accusing as being part of his campaign.

McDevitt stated, "I am in no way responsible or have any power over what someone else says." Referencing he would also not interfere with someone's First Amendment Right. "I do not condone hateful comments" McDevitt said.

With only three (3) days before Primary Election day, McDevitt stated he believes the voters will see through the continued attacks on his campaign and vote to re-elect him on Tuesday.

(Below) Press Release issued by:
Atlantic County Republican Chairman, Keith Davis


Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis today called on Joe McDevitt to denounce the hateful, violent, and sexist rhetoric emanating from his campaign and conduct himself with dignity these last few days before the primary election. 

“This primary, caused by Joe McDevitt failing to attend our open and fair convention, is costly and unfortunate. But we are all Republicans and will unify next Wednesday to defeat the Democrats in the fall,” said Davis. “Unfortunately, however, yesterday McDevitt’s campaign attacked Will Pauls wife on a radio program. 

This morning, McDevitt’s campaign crossed the line again and attacked our party’s Vice Chair Maureen Bugdon for her support of Will Pauls. This McDevitt supporter actually said that Maureen should be ‘hung’ for supporting Pauls. 

“Joe McDevitt should do the right thing and denounce this hateful, violent rhetoric immediately. As Joe knows, every Republican on the Freeholder Board, Sheriff Frank X. Balles, County Executive Dennis Levinson, Assemblymen John Amodeo and Chris Brown all support Will Pauls along with countless other Republicans. For McDevitt’s campaign to single out one female supporter with a violent threat for her support of Pauls and to go after Will Pauls’ wife are cowardly and have no place in politics. 

I urge Joe McDevitt to run his campaign with civility and respect for all voters and not let his campaign degenerate any further. Atlantic County deserves nothing else and they certainly don’t deserve such deplorable words reminiscent of Jim Crow.” 


Source: Don Williams program, May 28, 2013 and Harry Hurley radio program, May 29, 2013.


Anonymous said...

Keith Davis is a pious fraud. I hear him whining on the radio and talking about Will Pauls the "conservative." Keith is intellectually challenged and a liar. There is only one reason that he is backing Pauls, Building Trades cash, lots of it folks. Roy Foster and Will will regret getting in bed with this fake conservative horses ass and vice versa. The first time Keith balks at one of their overpriced make-work projects for the government dependent building trades unemployment hustlers you will see what kind of person Pauls really is. Here is the pious fraud just a couple of years ago talking about his new found boy toys, the building trades:
LOL! I compare Roy Foster and Pauls to old men falling in love with a young girl who is only there for the $$. Time for some new leadership in the building trades huh guys! What do they get out of all this stupidity? Same as the taxpayers, the royal shaft. Mark my words Roy! BTW you always wanted to be a power guy Roy, now you are, welcome to the big league and stop crying like a baby.

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