Monday, February 20, 2017

Galloway Police Catch and Arrest Burglary Suspect

On February 19, 2017, at approx 12:46 pm, a resident alerted Galloway Township Police to the noises of someone possibly burglarizing his neighbor’s home on Ridgewood Avenue.  

Patrol arrived and confirmed the house had been burglarized however the suspect had fled.  A short time later, K9 Sgt Scott Winneberger located William Ireland in the area, on 10th Avenue.  

Another burglary was eventually located on 10th Avenue as well.  Ireland was found to be in possession of stolen items from the burglarized residence.  

After further investigation, Ireland was charged with both burglaries that occurred on February 19th, another previously committed burglary,  theft of a vehicle, and one burglary that occurred in Absecon.  

Ireland is a 49 year old resident of Galloway Township.  He was processed and transported to the Atlantic County Jail on multiple Burglary, Theft, and Criminal Mischief offenses.

Detective Worth, Detective Sergeant Welsh, and K9 Sergeant Winneberger are the Galloway Township investigating  / charging officers. 


Chuck L. said...

Excellent job Sgt. Winneberger and all of Galloway PD. Thank you for your service!

Anonymous said...

This same man burglarized my best friend and neighbor's home in January. If you Google him, you can find multiple crimes this man has commited. Why is it he keeps being released after at least a dozen convictions? It doesn't make sense unless he is an informant of some type, in which case he should be under house arrest or some type of surveillance. No matter the charge he is always out within a few days. Had a normal citizen commited these same crimes they would still be sitting in jail, what makes him so special? I hope some media attention will finally bring a sentence that puts him away for good.

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