Sunday, December 29, 2013

Galloway Officials Shocked to Learn Through Media They May Lose Their Township Manager

Arch Liston, Credit: Press of AC
Galloway Township Council may have to search for a new Township Manager if Arch Liston is confirmed by Atlantic City Council to be the next City Administrator for the City of Atlantic City. A nomination that took several Galloway Township Officials by surprise. Galloway Township has had four (4) Township Managers in the past three (3) years. 

Liston replaced former Township Manager Stephen Bonanni who currently has a lawsuit pending in Federal Court against Galloway Township and Mayor Don Purdy. 

Galloway Township Officials have confirmed that they were not aware of Township Manager Arch Liston's decision to leave Galloway Township. Township Manager Arch Liston has been nominated by Atlantic City Mayor-elect Don Guardian to be the next City Administrator for the City of Atlantic City, according to the Press of Atlantic City.  

The Press of Atlantic City broke the news of Guardian's nomination on Saturday, December 28, 2013 after Guardian appeared on the King Arthur Show on WIBG 1020, 101.3 FM radio in the morning. 

While on the King Arthur Show, Guardian described his choice for a new Administrator but did not release the name of the nomination. Guardian stated he would release the names of his nominations on Tuesday, prior to his swearing-in and first Council meeting on Wednesday, January 1, 2014. However Guardian released the name of City Administrator to the Press of Atlantic City on Saturday after the radio show. 

Galloway Township Officials became aware of Liston's nomination only after the Press of Atlantic City broke the news.  Councilman Jim McElwee stated, "It was a surprise to me. I did not receive an email or any notice that Liston was looking to leave Galloway nor that he was set to be publicly nominated in Atlantic City next week."

The news of the nomination broke at 1:20 p.m. according to the Press of Atlantic City Website. Galloway council-elect Timothy Meadows stated he spoke to (Mayor Don) Purdy, (Robert) Maldonaldo and Frank (Gargione) concerning the nomination before 2:00 p.m. Purdy informed Meadows and Meadows informed Gargione and Maldonaldo. 

Both Gargione and Maldonaldo were elected to Council and will be sworn in on January 2, 2014 to start their four (4) year term on Galloway Council. Meadows stated it was "the first I heard of it. This is a loss for Galloway but a gain for Atlantic City. I wish him well and regret not being able to work with such a consummate professional." When contacted, Galloway council-elect Frank Gargione also confirmed that he had just heard the news from Meadows.

Mayor Don Purdy, Councilman Jim Gorman and Township Manager Arch Liston did not return our request for comment. 

If Liston receives the full nomination from Atlantic City Council on Wednesday, Liston intends to move to Atlantic City from Southampton to serve in the City Administrator capacity, according to the Press of Atlantic City. 

If Liston leaves Galloway, they will have to start a search for a new Township Manager. Galloway previously had a shared service agreement with the City of Absecon where Liston was utilized in both municipalities. Absecon decided not to renew the shared service agreement with Galloway for Liston's service and hired former Galloway manager Thomas Henshaw as their new City Administrator for Absecon. 


Anonymous said...

Not surprising. Galloway never knows what's going on. Bring Henshaw back, that will take care of the Purdy Admin group.

Anonymous said...

This is the best news to come out of the township in a long time . He'll meet his match in AC!!!

Anonymous said...

Bye Bye birdie, can you take Purrrdy too.

Anonymous said...

Is Galloway that bad that he is running to Atlantic City. Pad those last years in that PERS pension.

Anonymous said...

Of course it is that bad in Galloway. Nothing but whiners and hangers on.

Anonymous said...

Just imagine what he knows. I mean, I know what I know and it's more than enough for me to run for the hills. Galloway Township is doomed people. This past election has only inserted more Purdy henchmen and cronies to support his brand of politics, which is "take care of your own"....Liston wasn't effective nor was he able to take charge. Now the gruesome twosome will be running this town. Darker days ahead for Galloway Township....tis a town full of masochists I tell ya.

Anonymous said...

Anyone shocked to see how fast Mayor Don Purdy runs and announces his best bud Moran will be the next Manager. I guess Purdy will get his towing license and top of the tow list again. Saga Saga same ole story in Galloway Township. I'm sure they went to Chef Vola's Saturday night celebrate.

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