Thursday, December 19, 2013

Councilwoman Whitney Ullman Leaves Shocking Sentiments Behind as other Members of Council Bid Farewell; Video Released

Whitney Ullman
On December 10, 2013 Councilman Thomas Bassford, Councilman Jim McElwee and Councilwoman Whitney Ullman bid farewell by giving speeches at their last council meeting as an elected official. Bassford and Ullman choose not to run for re-election while McElwee was unsuccessful at his attempt for re-election. 

Bassford and McElwee delivered their farewell speeches as Ullman delivered a prepared speech that to some was a shock. Described by several council members, Ullman has been extremely positive and always a pleasure to work with. Ullman's speech however took aim at the previous municipal leadership citing it "Disgraceful, Immature and Disheartening." Ullman also voiced her displeasure of the "fighting" and "bullying" that took place.

Bassford reminisced his years on Council including his achievements which including Tartaglio Park. Bassford also thanked members of council for their support and former manager Jill Gougher for her years of service as what he described, the best Township Manager Galloway ever had. Bassford stated he enjoyed his 12-years of service and felt it was time to go. 

McElwee wished Diane Grams a happy retirement and thanked Pamela Alleyne for her service in Galloway. Alleyne resigned her position as Planning & Zoning Board Secretary and took up a full-time position in neighboring town Hamilton Township. 

McElwee also thanked Township Manager Arch Liston and Township Clerk TC Kay for their hard work and dedication. McElwee congratulated Mayor Don Purdy on his successful re-election race and stated he decided to put any negativity between the two in "the rear view mirror." Purdy also thanked McElwee for his time and service on Council.

Ullman took a slightly different approach and gave a speech she had prepared. Ullman did not want to provide any additional comment. We have provided the speech in full text below as provided by Ullman as well as including a video clip of Ullman delivering her speech at the Council Meeting, see below video or click link. 

Galloway Township will have their re-organization meeting on Thursday, January 2, 2013 at 6:30 p.m., where Don Purdy, Frank Gargione, Timothy Meadows and Robert Maldonaldo will be sworn in as members of Council. Council will also select a new Mayor, Deputy Mayor and professional staff the same night.

Galloway Township Recorded Council Meeting

Councilwoman Whitney Ullman Speech and Video Released:

"I want to thank the residents of Galloway for electing me and allowing me to serve you these past four years. This last council meeting is bittersweet for me. As some of you may know, I have been a leader most of my life, and have drawn on these experiences to lead me to the position I am in today. When the idea of running for council first came to my attention, I have to say, it wasn’t something I wholeheartedly embraced, mostly because I was a novice to “The Game".  I didn’t fully understand what my duties and responsibilities would be, but I knew it was a chance to make wrongs right, to be a voice for people who couldn’t muster up the courage, to help those in my community,  and mostly be an overall resource to the public.

However, there was much more to this position then anyone could know. The PREVIOUS municipal leadership was: Disgraceful. Immature. Disheartening. The fighting amongst fellow members was embarrassing. The bullying from people I was supposed to look up to and learn from, was disappointing and unacceptable.

It was saddening to see other leaders in our local community, expose their true colors and be so hypocritical when it came to sensitive issues.

I learned quickly that being on town council as a platform for my voice, and dream of change, was not the correct place for me to be, but I had a duty to follow through and make sure I could protect our people and serve those who had faith in me.

My voice was heard frequently behind the scenes, as there were many times I served as a sounding board who kept the peace when dialogue and process became unprofessional.

For what it’s worth, I’ve had the pleasure to serve up here with different people throughout the years, and although they may not have done everything right, or they may speak before they think, or even do things that we may not agree with in their personal time, they all in their own way really have good intentions. We have, and will continue to have, many talented, smart, bold and caring individuals up here who have a passion for politics and doing the right thing for our community whether we see it or not.

It’s also important for all of you to know that throughout my term there were some extremely tough decisions that had to be made and I’ve lost some friends along the way, but I always made choices objectively, based on what I believed to be in the best interest of the residents of Galloway.

Our town has been through so much, including lay-offs in all departments, and I have to say that our staff is the most professional hard working group, who although were faced with adversity at times, they remain committed to their positions. Our Town Manager is doing a fantastic job and is certainly a breath of fresh air. Our Public Works department is second to none. Our Police Department, Fire Department and First Responders are by far the best most dedicated people I have ever seen. What they do for all of us on a daily basis, there are just no words to express our thanks.

For all who were elected to serve in the years to come. I want to congratulate you and wish all of you much luck and strength. And to all of you, I wish you much peace, health, success, happiness, wealth and love in your life. THANK YOU."


Anonymous said...

Extreme Girl Power. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see one member of council agree that those on council have bullied. Something some have been saying for a long time. That video will go a long way. Good job Whitney.

Anonymous said...

A little late to the party to let your voice be heard eh..?..

Anonymous said...

Good for you Whitney. Speaking up for what you believe in. So many admire you for telling the truth and telling how you feel. Thank you.

vtpat said...

Whitney you ran with them as a team. Certain individuals on your "team" believe they are "entitled" to money, power, and prestige at any cost. You know this, you are educated. The republican party right now is all about hypocrisy and you know it. How many republicans are on the public dole at hundreds of thousands yet bash unions and the poor? How many republicans do you know that collect huge pensions but claim they are against "big government" and "handouts"?? How many republicans do you know that claim they are Christians yet act as though they never heard of compassion, truth, or justice?? Union bashers who have benefited from unions? Government haters who have been on the payroll their entire careers? You saw how these "Christians" treated you you when you spoke up when they tried to force Jesus into the Twp meetings. You certainly read the vitriol subsequently directed at Jewish folks who spoke up. You got only a small peek into their hypocrisy and phony self righteous nonsense yet you remained silent. You had a unique and rare opportunity to make a difference and you took a pass I am not here to bash you but to point out your abject failures.

Anonymous said...

vtpat she may have ran with them but that doesn't mean she supported their actions. Look at the candidates now, they ran with Purdy but I'm sure if you ask them if they supported his campaigning techniques the answer would be no.

vtpat said...

Anonymous, respectfully she never said a word until it was over so by default she supported them IMHO. Perhaps a stronger person would have stood up to them and faced their wrath I don't know, I never walked in Whitney's shoes. However it is situations like this that keep good people like ourselves on the sidelines, afraid to get involved, afraid to stand against them for fear of public ruin at the hands of the republican party chieftains and / or their operatives, we both know the Keith Davises, John Amodeos, and Terry Lucarellis of the world now don't we. When you decide to get involved at that level (Councilperson) you have a moral obligation to stand up to these slimey, self serving, morally devoid, windbags. that is part of your responsibility as an elected representative. Again respectfully IMHO. thanks

Anonymous said...

But she only wanted everyone to get along!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good riddance!

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