Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Galloway Council Demands Bonuses of GEHR Superintendent and Administrator be Rescinded

Galloway Township Council passed a resolution Tuesday night demanding the Greater Egg Harbor Regional School Board rescind the payment of bonuses to the Superintendent and school Administrator. 

Galloway Council is demanding Superintendent John Keenan and the Administrator return the $25,000 and $10,000 bonuses respectively and allow the money to be used to benefit the students in the district. 

The School District has received $31 million dollars in State aid. Aid that is coupled with tax dollars that are being raised by taxation from hardworking taxpayers from Galloway Township and other sending districts, the resolution said

"The rationale for the bonuses is to reward the Superintendent and Administrator for the performance of their duties" Galloway Council said in the resolution. 

"The taxpaying public has a right to expect that the Superintendent and School Administrator will properly perform the duties of their respective positions for which duties they are already being handsomely compensated" said Galloway Council. 

Superintendent John Keenan receives a "significant salary" of approximately $167,000 per year, plus the bonuses. 

Mayor Don Purdy recently attempted to speak at a public meeting in January that was held by the Greater Egg Harbor Regional School Board when he shut down by the board for speaking longer than 3-minutes. Mayor Purdy responded to the Regional School Board by giving his own 10-minute speech at a Galloway Council Meeting (see video). 

Purdy, who represents a town with a significant amount of 55 and older communities, single family homes and a high foreclosure rate due to the decline of Atlantic City, requested the Board evaluate their budget for 2016 and propose a flat budget with a zero increase. The Boards response however, was that this years budget was already slated to utilize the full 2 percent cap increase they could possibly use leaving the tax rate to increase for not only Galloway Township but also for Hamilton Township, Mullica Township, Egg Harbor City and Port Republic.

Purdy spoke at the meeting with the support of the other Greater Egg Harbor Regional Mayors excluding Egg Harbor City.  Egg Harbor City Mayor Lisa Jiampetti stated at a Public meeting that she was unable to attend the School Board meeting because she had a political meeting to attend. (watch video here)

The resolution will be sent to the Board of Education of the Greater Egg Harbor Regional School District and to the Superintendent and Administrator.


Jim McElwee said...

The resolution brings attention to the problem, but the GEHR school board will ignore it just like they disrespected Mayor Purdy. The only way to curb salarys and bonus' is to elect School Board members with the Balls to vote down raises and bonuses in times of economic hardship!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Take a look at the fat salaries at the South Jersey Transportation Authority at the Airport where Jim McElwee works or worked. Who lives in a glass house? All their charges are rising and so is their pay.

Unknown said...

Funny how some talks shit on purdy but doesn't have the balls or ovaries to put their name to their comments

Publisher said...

Interesting how the Township mismanages the finances gets into lawsuits that cost 100's of thousands of dollars and the blame GEHR for the cost increase. Sure the Township budget is flat but we get nothing for it anyway. I know a number of people who have tried to open businesses but the town staff blocks them at every turn to the point the run out of money. Fees fees and more fees. As for the 55 and older people in Four Seasons they come from North Jersey sold their houses for an neat profit and come down here and think they can live for free. The taxes here are 1/3 of north jersey.

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Publisher said...

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Anonymous said...

Someone should ask Mayor Jiampetti if she's applied for a job with the GEHR. Then ask her if she used this so-called political meeting as an excuse to get out of having to criticize her future employer.

Anonymous said...

If it were not for the retribution people would not stay anonymous. Of course people would not criticize the people they work for.

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