Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Purdy Calls on the Greater Egg Harbor Regional School Board to Cut Bonuses for Administrators and Hold the Line on Tax Increases

On Monday, Galloway Township Mayor and Vice-President of the Atlantic County Mayors Association, Don Purdy, attended the Greater Egg Harbor Regional School Board meeting to ask the board to reconsider nearly $35K in administrative bonuses and a proposed tax increase that would be the maximum allowed under the state-imposed 2% cap. 

Purdy’s remarks were cut short by School Board President Carol Houck citing a ridiculous 3 minute rule and he was not allowed to continue his remarks later in the meeting.

 “At a time when some many Atlantic County residents are unemployed or struggling to make ends meet, I went to the school board meeting to discuss their budget and the tax increases being proposed on our communities to pay, at least in part, for huge bonuses for administrators that are more than many of our residents and even some educators annual income,” said Purdy “Unfortunately, last night quickly became one of the most embarrassing evenings I have had as the Mayor of Galloway Township when the board interrupted my remarks and refused to even listen to our request they reconsider these lavish bonuses and eliminate the proposed tax increase. In Galloway Council meetings we ask residents to keep their comments concise, but have never told a resident that their time was up and we always listened to their comments or concerns whether we agreed with them or not.”

Released by Mayor Don Purdy
In addition to the tax increase, Purdy took issue with nearly $35K in bonuses being approved for the district’s Superintendent ($24.9K) and Business Administrator ($10K). The Superintendents salary is capped at $167,500, but the board built into his contract an additional bonus system that has allowed him to receive bonuses above and beyond the cap which will increase for the duration of his contract.  

“These administrative bonuses will do nothing to improve the quality of the education our children are receiving,” continued Purdy. “If the Board insists on raising taxes to continue dolling out bonuses, perhaps they should go to the teachers whose students excel in the classroom.”

Purdy pointed out that 78% of property taxes collected by the township do not go to the Municipal government. As a result, the Greater Egg Harbor Regional School District received $18 million from local taxpayers last year.  


Anonymous said...

The superintendent's, school boards and teachers Unions, need done to them like President Ronald Reagan did to the Air Traffic Controllers.They say it's for the Children, it's not. It's for higher salaries, bonuses and higher pensions. Go to new jersey by the numbers and see their salaries, the site is 3 years behind, the site also shows the pensions of those retired.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Mayor Purdy!

Anonymous said...

Oust each and every single one of these fools from this school board. They have only ever cared about knifing the taxpayers in the back. Now they are doing it to everyone possible in the book. I am proud of Mayor Purdy for taking this stance and urge residents to stand up to this board by voting all of them out!!!

Anonymous said...

Hold the line on tax increases? How about some spending cuts and tax reductions. Enough is enough already.

Unknown said...

legal extortion at its best

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