Sunday, October 5, 2014

Female Victim Sues Former EHC Cop Accused of Official Misconduct for Sexual Acts

Steven Hadley, Jr., Credit: Facebook
A former Egg Harbor City Police Officer has been sued by one of his alleged victims. Christine Meale, of Egg Harbor City filed a lawsuit in Federal Court accusing Steven Hadley, 32 of Port Republic of repeated sexual assault and emotional torment that started on January 13, 2013.

Additionally named in the lawsuit is Egg Harbor City Police Officer Christopher Hoffman, Unknown Police Officers, and Egg Harbor City. 

According to the complaint, Meale alleged Hadley misled her into believing she was a "confidential informant" when he directed Meale to make drug purchases that he retained for his personal use. 

Meale alleged that Hadley coerced her to engage in sexual acts with him, and demanded that she meet him at Egg Harbor Police Station, and other locations for the purpose of sexually abusing her. Meale alleged the conduct continued for approximately five-months. 

Galloway Township News first reported that Hadley was the subject of a criminal investigation in August 2013 and on September 24, 2013, Steven Hadley was charged with four counts of second-degree official misconduct.

The charges by the Prosecutors Office alleged that Hadley committed unauthorized exercises of his official function as a police officer in order to obtain benefit for himself, specifically sexual contact. The charges allege that while performing his official duties, Hadley took part in sexual acts with four different women on various occasions, from January of 2010 through May of 2013.

Prior to the charges being served upon Hadley by his personal attorney, Hadley was involved in a single-motor vehicle accident on the Garden State Parkway that has left him seriously injured and confined to a wheelchair. "He cant walk, he is confined to a hospital bed or a wheelchair, he cant even use his hands at this point" stated Steven Hadley Sr., to Galloway Township News in May 2014.

According the Atlantic County Prosecutors Office, the case against Hadley is still ongoing and documents could not be released because of the criminal investigation. 

Meale was named as one of the woman victims that came forward and cooperated with the Atlantic County Prosecutors Office in the investigation against Hadley. 

The suit alleges that several officers, including the Chief of Police in Egg Harbor City knew about the conduct of Hadley and did nothing to protect Meale from the continued abuse. 

The lawsuit is released in full below. 


Anonymous said...

I know the detective personally and know he is guilty and all that and i used to despise him after seeing first hand how terrible of a person he was but after seeing him in his wheelchair couldn't help but feel bad i NEVER thought i would ever feel bad for such a monster but he doesn't even look like the same monster/person i'm sorry but i cant see a judge giving a wheelchair bound man time in prison but after all he has done it is where he belongs

Anonymous said...

Daddy must be so proud.....but oh wait his daddy was a stright up thug cop too.

Anonymous said...

hopefully the judge doesn't let him off because of his injuries crimes were still committed and the debt to society must be paid

Publisher said...

Posted by anonymous at 9:11 a.m., modified to meet terms of use.

"A judge taking it easy on him because he's now in a wheelchair?? Please. His current state is irrelevant. If he's proven guilty of such serious offenses, to hell with feeling bad that he's in his wheelchair. A wheelchair, that's worth adding, came as the result of his single-car accident, interestingly enough, on the same day that all this info was made public. IMO, he knew the announcement was coming, .................. and failed."

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