Sunday, February 23, 2014

Galloway Hires Susan Jacobucci as Township Manager with $120,000 Starting Salary

Susan Jacobucci; Credit GTN
On February 11, 2014, Galloway Township Council appointed a new Township Manager. Susan Jacobucci, who previously served as Director of Finance / Chief Financial Officer in the City of Newark, joins Galloway Township as Township Manager starting Monday, February 24, 2014. 

Jacobucci succeeds previous Township Manager Arch Liston, who was hired by Atlantic City to serve as their City Administrator after Mayor Don Guardian took office in January 2014. 

According to Mayor Don Purdy, Jacobucci was hired out of a field of twenty (20) candidates. Jacobucci was one of the four candidates who were selected to interview for the vacant position. 
Purdy stated, "three of the candidates who interviewed were women, and that I have never interviewed so many attorneys for a job before. We picked the best fit for Galloway Township"

According to the CurrentJacobucci has a long career in public service. She served as Cherry Hill’s solicitor for 10 years before becoming the head of the Division of Local Government Services for New Jersey’s Department of Community Affairs.

Jacobucci was among eight employees from the City of Newark that were let go by Newark Mayor Luis Quintana after former Mayor Cory Booker took office as United States Senator. According to "Quintana may have run afoul of state statute by firing his finance director, Susan Jacobucci, Neff said."

Jacobucci stated Mayor Don Purdy called her after Liston decided to join Atlantic City and said, "have I got an opportunity for you." Jacobucci applied and interviewed for the Township Manager position in Galloway previously, but others were selected ahead of her. 

According to the appointment resolution in 2014, Jacobucci will earn a yearly salary of $120,000. Former Manager Arch Liston earned a yearly salary of $93,200. 

One of the last Managers to earn more than $120,000 salary was former employee Jill Gougher. Gougher previously earned a combined salary of $127,000 as Township Manager and CFO for Galloway Township. 

Some members of Council confirmed to Galloway Township News that they were not aware Jacobucci's salary was already determined until Galloway Township News obtained a copy of the resolution. Although the salary was listed on the resolution which Council voted on and approved, it was stated, the resolution was not presented to Council until just before the Council meeting began. 

The resolution also gives Mayor Don Purdy the authorization to sign an agreement between the Township and Jacobucci. Members of Council have yet to review the agreement, although concerns were stated to Galloway Township News with Purdy already given the authorization to sign the agreement, Council may not review and vote on the agreement prior to the Mayor signing the agreement. 


Anonymous said...

The title of mayor in Galloway, according to the Faulkner Act, is nothing more than a figurehead and an honorary title. The mayor is a councilperson, plain and simple. How can the Council appoint one of its peers to act for the entire council and, indirectly, for the entire town? The reason for a council is to share opinions and decisions.

This is a dangerous precedent.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed. Seems King Purdy is at it again. What makes this person worth over 20,000.00 more than Arch Liston. Shame on council for going along with this move.

Anonymous said...

Government bodies, corporations and non-profit organizations can and do pass resolutions appointing individuals and committees to take specified actions. Usually, those individuals and committees are required to report back to the authorizing body.

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