Saturday, December 29, 2012

Legal Bills for October 2012 Decrease Significantly has obtained through an Open Public Records Request the Legal Bills for the Month of October 2012. October was the first month Special Labor Counsel Kimberly Procopio represented the Township in special litigation. Those invoices totaled $2,106.00, which pertain specifically to the Tilton v. Galloway Township litigation.

Other Legal bills released by the Township were those of Township Solicitor Michael Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald's bills for this month decreased significantly since September 2012, netting only $5,062.04. The bulk of the legal work consisted of "General Matter's" with an expense of $3,137.24.

Although OPRA has always been a highlight, we anticipate the expense the Township has incurred reviewing OPRA Request will also significantly decrease each month going forward. Leaving only an expense in October of $1,020.30.

We have listed both Procopio and Fitzgerald's invoices below for public viewing.
Procopio Bills Oct 2012 Fitzgerald Oct 2012 Bills


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