Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Oakcrest, Absegami High Schools Under Serious Construction; to Open with Major Delays

Ever hear of the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words?" Well, these pictures may leave the general audience speechless. Staff members of Oakcrest and Absegami High School were notified last night that the beginning of the school year will most likely have some serious kinks in it. 

In an email sent by Superintendent John Keenan he stated, "
we are much better off than our general appearance shows right now."

According to Keenan, construction that began in June was not only at Oakcrest but also Absegami High School with the bulk of the work at Oakcrest. It appears in the emails sent by Keenan that "district projects" are being done at the same time as "referendum projects" with no inkling that the projects were being phased throughout the district. 

The massive projects as outlined in Keenan's emails describe a school that will open with no ceiling tiles, not all bathrooms operational, air conditioning in some but not all rooms, high school office not complete, some computer rooms not operational, locker rooms not completed and the list continues. 

According to Keenan's email, these delays will leave students, teacher and staff members exposed to the construction elements when school starts.  

Pictures of the current construction at Oakcrest High School

"We are experiencing delays because of a lack of tile contractors, back ordered supplies and due to some additional electrical work that must be completed" Keenan stated in the email to the GEHR Staff. "The general appearance of progress at this writing is both inspiring and concerning with school set to open so soon" Keenan said. 

The massive construction project was a huge undertaking by the Supertintendent. "We owe a great deal of gratitude to our colleagues for their continued hard work as it will be a great challenge to have Oakcrest ready in such a short period of time" Keenan said.

The District Schools will still have to pass all of the construction inspections in order for the State to allow the Students to occupy the building. 

Galloway Township News is providing a copy of the content of the emails sent by Superintendent John Keenan. 


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