Saturday, February 1, 2020

Galloway Councilman Robert Maldonado Faces Recall After Township Approves Petition for Circulation

Councilman Robert Maldonado
A petition to recall Committeeman Robert Maldonado has been approved by the Township Clerk, Kelli Danieli. The recall committee, which consists of former mayor Tom Bassford, Annamarie DeLuccia, and Chis Coleman received approval on January 29, 2020 to circulate the recall petition.

The statement of intent filed states:

This petition of recall is to hold accountable the elected official that violated the public’s trust and oath of office to impartially and justly perform all duties as Councilman in Galloway Township.  The Recall Committee hereby calls the following actions of Councilman Robert Maldonado into question:
  • Violation of State Ethic Laws and Regulatory Rules.
  • Unprofessional conduct in abuse of power in his position as Councilman to have a street in his neighborhood paved without prior consent, approval or abstention; and a South Jersey Gas Contractor to install improvements on his personal property for personal gain under public funding.
  • Violation of Open Public Meetings Act in a scheme to award monetary contracts to professional appointments with public funding.
  • Abuse of Power in requesting personal services of a vendor for personal gain in which he awarded a public contract to. 

The recall committee is requesting any interested registered voters that reside in Galloway Township to contact them at 609-432-8771 (call or text) if you would like to sign the recall petition. Please leave your name, address and telephone number.  A representative of the recall committee will contact you. The recall committee is required to collect in excess of 6,500 signatures, which is 25% of registered voters as 2019 election day. (You must be registered to vote in Galloway Township to sign the petition).

Committeeman Maldonado has been the center of public attention since he voted with the Democrat minority to vote Jim Gorman as Mayor, when Tony Coppola previously served, and for the text messages when released from the Township, proved a scheme to remove Coppola and all of the town's professional staff. Maldonado also is facing scrutiny after he denied claims of work being performed on his property, when documents released from the Township proved otherwise. 


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