Saturday, February 10, 2018

Galloway Police Arrest Alleged Arsonist; Charged With Attempted Aggravated Arson

On Tuesday, December 12, 2017, at 6:34 P.M., a white male suspect approached the front lobby of the Galloway Township Police Department. 

After loitering outside the lobby for a brief time the suspect produced a glass bottle containing petroleum based accelerant, attempted to light it, and threw it on the concrete in front of the entrance doors. 

The bottle shattered and splashed the accelerant all over the doors, floor mats and lobby entrance. Although the contents of the bottle did not ignite there was an officer and a citizen in the lobby at the time.  If the accelerant had ignited the officer and citizen would have been put in life-threatening danger. 

The suspect then ran toward the area of Jimmie Leeds Road but could not be located. 

A thorough investigation by Detectives of the Galloway Township Criminal Investigation Division, with the assistance of Special Agents from the ATF, a suspect was identified as Sean D. Shearer, of Galloway Township.  

Sean was interviewed and subsequently charged with two counts of Attempted Aggravated Arson and Criminal Mischief.  Sean was lodged in the Atlantic County Justice Facility.  

Detective Bryan Casey is the investigating Detective from Galloway and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Fire and Explosives assisted in the investigation.


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