Monday, April 25, 2016

Galloway Police Officer Utilizes Epi-Pen to Save Child

On April 24, 2016 at 4:10 p.m., Galloway Police Sgt. Vincent Ceci responded with Galloway EMS and Atlanticare Paramedics to the Yang Ji Presbyterian Church located at 437 S. Pitney Road for a 13-year-old male suffering from an allergic reaction.

Upon arrival Sgt. Ceci was advised that the child had inadvertently ingested peanut butter which he is highly allergic to.  The child was in severe respiratory distress and Sgt. Ceci, a certified EMT, recognized that the child was suffering from anaphylaxis.  He administered epinephrine using an Epi-Pen auto-injector and the child’s condition improved shortly thereafter.  The child was transported to Atlanticare Regional Medical Center, Mainland Campus, for evaluation.

“Our Police Department is one of only a few law enforcement agencies in New Jersey that train and equip their EMT certified officers with Epi-Pens.  We are very proud of Sgt. Ceci for his prompt and effective actions which ultimately resulted in a life being saved,” said Lt. Joseph Picardi.

This is the first use of an Epi-Pen by a Galloway Police EMT since they started carrying them in 2014.  The Epi-Pens and the training to use them are provided by Galloway EMS.

“We have an outstanding relationship with Galloway EMS and their Chief, Chuck Uhl.  Because of this we are able to provide an enhanced level of emergency medical care to the residents and visitors of Galloway Township.  All of our Patrol officers carry AED’s for cardiac arrest, Narcan to treat opiate overdoses, and tourniquets to stop severe bleeding,” said Lt. Picardi.


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