Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Galloway Police Vehicle Involved in Motor Vehicle Collision Outside Local Supermarket

Credit: Galloway Township News
On March 6, 2014, Galloway Township Police responded to a police involved motor vehicle collision located on Eighth Avenue at the parking lot exit of Shoprite.

A 2012 Nissan Altima driven by Crystal Karlsberg, 21, of Warren, NJ struck a Galloway Township marked patrol unit driven by Officer Steven Garrison. According to the Police report, Garrison was traveling north bound on Eighth Avenue when Karlsberg failed to stop when exiting the parking area of Shoprite onto Eighth Avenue. 

Karlsberg struck the police cruiser causing damage from the passenger side front tire with additional contact damage along the passenger side to the rear tire of the police vehicle. A small debris field was located in the middle of Eighth Avenue northbound lane which consisted of a license plate and other small parts belonging to Karlsberg's vehicle. The damage was significant as the passenger of the Altima was unable to exit from the passenger door. 

Garrison stated it appeared that Karlsberg was traveling at a speed in which if his vehicle was not struck she would have more than likely traveled directly across Eighth Avenue.

According to the report Karlsberg stated she "spaced out" and did not notice the stop sign as she was exiting the parking area. The passenger in Kalsberg's was wearing a seatbelt however it was noted the seatbelt was placed under the arm of the passenger converting the seatbelt into a lap belt only.

Both Karlsberg and Officer Garrison were not injured in the collision. Karlsberg was charged with Careless Driving and operating a vehicle without insurance coverage. The vehicle was impounded as a result. Garrison drove the Police vehicle to the Township Garage. 


Anonymous said...

No insurance? Wonderful. That will cost taxpayers money to fix.

Anonymous said...

Spaced out or too busy talking to the passenger? Nothing like hitting a cop car to hopefully make you learn a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another job for Purdy collision!!

Cathe1961 said...

Or maybe on her cellphone?

Anonymous said...

Spaced out sounds about right. When does she leave for rehab?

Mick Kemsey said...

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Anonymous said...

Rehab? That's really uncalled for... You don't even know her. Don't be so quick to judge.

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