Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Criminal Charges Filed Against Two Galloway Councilman Dropped After Mediation

Frank Gargione
Galloway Township Councilman Frank Gargione and former Councilman Jim McElwee had criminal charges filed against them in 2013 that have now been dropped by the accusers. 

Gargione was charged with Simple Assault in the summer of 2013 for an alleged incident that occurred during a little league baseball game. The charges were filed by Joseph Landicini who was a coach at the time of the alleged incident. Gargione later countered and filed simple assault charges against Landicini. Both charges were handled by Ventnor Municipal Court due to a conflict with Gargione's position as a Galloway Council candidate.

Gargione stated, "the charges filed last year against both parties were dropped this month after an amicable mediation." Gargione stated he was satisfied with the outcome and further stated he was happy to put it behind him and fully concentrate on moving Galloway forward as a newly elected official for Galloway Council.

On January 28, 2014, harassment charges that were filed against former Councilman Jim McElwee by Press Reporter Donna Weaver were dropped after the two meet in Hamilton Township Court for mediation. The charges stemmed from an alleged incident that occurred in the Galloway Township Municipal Lobby on October 8, 2013. 

McElwee stated, "Most Galloway residents know that during my bid for re-election to Galloway Council, a complaint was filed against me for Harassment. On Tuesday January 28, 2014 a mutual agreement was reached and the charges have been dropped. I Thank all my Family and friends that stood by me and supported me during these very difficult four months. I know this story will not be reported as vigorously as the original accusation, but I am ready to move on and continue as a private citizen to do whatever I can to help my community!"

The outcome of the charges finally puts an end to a drawn out legal process that has consumed the time of Gargione and McElwee. The publicity of the charges against McElwee were played out in television ads on TV40 and various radio ads, including political flyers during his campaign by his opponent Mayor Don Purdy. 


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