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UPDATED: Councilman Robert Maldonado Speaks out on Selection of Mayor Don Purdy and Concerns within the Community

Robert Maldonaldo Sr.
Don Purdy was selected by a majority vote to serve as Mayor for another two (2) years. Councilman Robert Maldonado and Councilman Frank Gargione, both receiving the majority votes in this past election, dissented in the council vote and voted against Purdy as Mayor. 

Purdy was elected to Council in 2009 with the majority of those votes but was re-elected in 2013 coming in fourth place. Purdy has served as Deputy Mayor from 2010 - 2011 and became Mayor in 2012 serving in that position for two (2) years. 

In a interview, Councilman Robert Maldonado voted no to Purdy as stating, "there has been a concern of the people regarding Purdy's Management style and ability to serve." Maldonado also felt the Ordinance which dictated the selection of Mayor needs to be looked into regarding possibly limiting the terms a Mayor could serve as there may be a violation of the Faulkner Act.

Maldonado felt the Mayor should not serve two consecutive terms. According to the Faulkner Act "if a Mayor is unable to be selected then the member who in the election for members of municipal council received the greatest numbers of votes shall be the Mayor." If Galloway Council was unable to select a Mayor after five consecutive votes, then Frank Gargione would have been automatically selected as the Mayor of Galloway Township as he was the candidate with highest number of votes.

Over the past the (10) years Galloway has seen it's share of Mayors which included Mark Hanko, Thomas Bassford, Keith Hartman and Don Purdy. 

Maldonado stated other members of Council who were interested in serving should have been afforded the right to be selected. Although no other member was nominated at the re-organization meeting, it was clear discussions prior to the meeting were being conducted regarding interest with other members of Council.

Councilman Tony Coppola will continue as Deputy Mayor for one (1) more year as he received the full support of Council.

Maldonado stated there were important decisions that must be made specifically in hiring a Township Manager that wants to serve in Galloway for a significant period of time. The concern was raised with the swinging door of Managers that have come and gone in Galloway Township over the past 5 years, including the sudden notification of current Manager Arch Liston leaving Galloway to serve the City of Atlantic City.  

Maldonado stated Purdy has denied reports of his personal selection of Chief Patrick Moran serving in the capacity as interim Township Manager. On December 30, 2013, Galloway Patch reported Mayor Don Purdy stated Moran would serve in the position on a transitional basis, reports according to Maldonado, Purdy is now denying.  Purdy did not immediately return our request for comment nor did Galloway Patch.

Galloway Township News previously reported the Regulations that may prohibit Chief Patrick Moran to serve in the capacity as manager while maintaining his position as Chief. A report which was published based on Purdy's reported public comments. 

Maldonado stated he was elected by the people to serve the people, not themselves. He stated Council needs to get out of the business of the day-to-day operations of the Township. Those operations are to be handled by the Township Manager. He also stated members of Council should mind their own business and handle their own business. 

It has been several years since an outspoken member of council has publicly raised concerns regarding the management and operations of Galloway Township. Out-going Councilwoman Whitney Ullman left shocking sentiments in her public speech when she departed Galloway Council in December 2013 calling the previous municipal leadership as disgraceful, immature and disheartening. Further stating bullying and fighting among members of council. 

Maldonado stated the he was elected to preserve the dignity of the office (as a Council member). Several issues including the fiscal responsibility in the money that is spent and bonding that is occurring needs to be priority. Maldonado previously served on Council from 2000 - 2004.

Council also made their selections for the 2014 Professional Staff however, the appointment of Bond Counsel was tabled. Joel Fleishman, Esq., from Fleishman & Daniels has held that position for several years.  Councilman Robert Maldonado requested the meeting if all proposals were submitted then an appointment should be made. 

Mayor Don Purdy and Deputy Mayor Tony Coppola indicated the proposals and rates needed further evaluation prior to awarding the contract. Something according to Maldonado was not made clear to all members of Council.

Galloway Township Council awarded the following contracts on January 2, 2014. 

Awarded Contracts:

Township Solicitor: Michael Fitzgerald

Township Engineer: Polistina Associates

Alternate Twp. Engineer: Remington & Vernick

Municipal Prosecutor: Christopher Lipari, Esq.

Alternate Prosecutor: Rumpf, Reed & Dolcy

Township Labor Counsel: William Blaney (Blaney & Donahue)

Public Defender: Darrin Lord, Esq.

Township Auditor: Leon Costello (Ford Scott & Associates)

Tax Appeal Counsel: Toms Smith, Esq.

Risk Management Counsel: Marsh & McClellan


Anonymous said...

Bravo for saying what needs to be said. Galloway needs more you in town.

Anonymous said...

I hope he continues to speak out! Things go on behind the scenes that the people of Galloway should know about.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to this website for printing it. I am sure the others wouldn't print anything that would mean Council members show their interest in change especially against the King Purdy.

Ron schreiber said...

I believe it,s called "self service" Robert

Anonymous said...

Councilman Mr. Robert Maldonado was only person to declare that everyone in attendance including friends and families needed to be sent home for safety con:-) cerns due to the noreaster snowstorm after all elected officials were sworn in. Mr. Maldonado is a true reflection of the constituents in:-) Galloway Township that elected him making the right call on an evening where safety should have been a much higher priority than work that needed to be done. Mr. Maldonado was the only elected official that showed foresight in making the correct decision when all other elected officials were more concerned about themselves after stating how much they cared about those in Galloway Township. There is not any more important work that should be above the safety of all attending.

Publisher said...

UPDATED: My apologies to Mr. Maldonado for the accidental misspelling of the his last name. All mentions have been corrected.

Anonymous said...

I would like to personally thank Councilman Maldonado for issuing an apology for the campaign flyers that were sent out by the Mayor. I would have wished the Mayor issued the apology. I have now become a firm believer that the arrogance in the Mayor has superseded what should be a compassionate heart. It is unfortunate our Mayor does not put the residents of Galloway Township first.

I sincerely appreciate your Mr. Maldonado's integrity to serve the residents and understand what should be done right and not done in a hurtful way.

I also would like to thank Lisa Tilton for standing up for the residents in Galloway even though she continues to take the public criticism for speaking up. Ms. Tilton was gracious enough to forward an email to me that she received from a resident in Galloway who attacked her for standing up for me. I would like to say to that resident, your degrading and derogatory words mean nothing but Ms. Tilton's actions speak volumes of how she cares for Galloway.

God Bless Mr. Maldonado!

Disappointed Mother

Anonymous said...

Purdy just looks at the floor when called out on his dirty campaign. He such a's like he disconnects from it like he had nothing to do with it. The ego on this guy just might be bigger than that head of his....schnikes.

vtpat said...

Uh-oh! More crap to hit the fan again I am sure!

Anonymous said...

Disappointed Mother:

If you felt so strongly about your concern maybe you should have considered speaking up for yourself rather then subject Ms. Tilton to more public criticism and attacks. You were not willing to stand up for yourself therefore you should not comment on another person words meaning nothing. Especially when that person had the courage to speak on their own behalf rather then sending in another person to seek a public apology for their own satisfaction.

Nancy McKeown-Brand said...

I spoke to Mr. Maldonado, face to face, before the election, stating my extreme concerns about Mr. Purdy's inability to recognize the conflict of interest in his being on counci/being mayor and the township contract with his towing company. If someone from the 'other' party had such an agreement, Mr. Purdy would be up in arms!
I really couldn't believe that he was re-elected to Council & reappointed as mayor.
Mr Maldonado is doing the right thing to stand up for us, the taxpayers in Galloway, and not just 'going along' with the party. Please keep it up, Mr. Maldonado (that is, until the party forces you out for being your own man).
PS: I don't think people should be able to comment on this site as 'anonymous'. If you beleive your words, own them, identify yourselves!

Anonymous said...

Robert is a gentleman. He will work for the people of Galloway and attempt to keep the others in check. Interesting that the former Municipal Leader received a text from Dr Tyrrell telling her that Robert has gone off the deep end and she should talk to him. Why, are Prudy's dirty little secrets going to be revealed? Two more lawsuits to be settled both caused by Purdy! Purdy just "sharing" information with Cappola and Tyrrell and not the others. Purdy needs to go!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame Coppola is kowtowing to Purdy and is not more outspoken being that not only is he in the deputy role he also is "in the know" at all times likely more so than the others. Tyrrell is a drone. He'll do as he is programmed.Tony's silence speaks volumes and his odd tolerance to what is going on is inexcusable. He could have excelled organically without getting wrapped up in the DP politics but the dirty is done folks and they all gotta change their clothes because it's all over them all.

Anonymous said...

Who cares who shares information to one person and not the others? Oh actually everyone cares. Big tip was snuck in by Tilton on the airwaves today that I know will shake Galloway government to their core. High ranking Police Officer in Galloway tracks schedule of Publisher. Lisa I think that would be a good title to add on it. Hopefully you can get the answer of why is he tracking you and for whom is he tracking you. Does his wife know too? I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Robert and Frank are good men. It is a good thing they stood up for what they believe in. If only the others would do the same and stop following the others. I think whoever is following your every move needs a new hobby. It's disturbing.

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