Monday, December 16, 2013

Republican Candidate left with Substantial Debt after Campaigning for Galloway Council Seat

Galloway Township Council race for 2013 may be one for the record books on how much money was spent. According to reports filed with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) the campaign for Mayor Don Purdy became one of the highest expensed campaigns in several years for local office.  

According to ELEC reports, it appears Purdy for Council 2013 campaign spent more money than reported contributions. The report indicates Purdy's campaign accepted $33,848.00 in contributions yet according to the ELEC reports the campaign expenses totaled $45,117.38. Purdy has listed $16,713.88 in outstanding debt obligations to Chris Russell Consulting LLC.  Russell was Purdy's campaign consultant. 

Purdy finished the 2013 campaign with a balance of $161.20, but not enough to cover the outstanding debt. According to ELEC, Purdy either needs to cover the debt in the amount of $16,713.88 himself by contributing his own money to his own campaign or try to raise the money in continued contributions, whether by individuals or other Political Action Committees (PAC) including the Local or County Republican Party.

According to the report, Purdy paid $4,981.00 to WMGM NBC TV 40 for Political commercials aimed at Councilman Jim McElwee. 

In the report, Purdy also paid $1,500 in Advertising to Town Square Media which consists of Talk Radio Station 101.5Atlantic Coast Productions was also paid $1,500 for Advertising Production. Atlantic Coast provides several services including commercial production. 

Also in the report, Purdy paid Galloway Patriot $2,850.00 for advertising. Purdy for Council 2013 also is listed as paying for a news insert called Galloway Advisor. Galloway Advisor has an online website that appears to be launched on October 23, 2013 with no additional activity since election day.

The biggest expenses in Purdy's campaign which contributed to the excess expense was to Chris Russell Consulting LLC. $17,572.50 was paid to Russell for 'Printing Postage Polling' as detailed on the report. Purdy still owes Russell $16,713.88 for 'Public Relations Consulting' according to the ELEC reports. 

Purdy recently came under fire when residents of Galloway Township were outraged by misleading political flyers mailed out by the Purdy for Council 2013 campaign in October 2013. Purdy has yet to issue any apology for these negative campaign ads.

According to ELEC reports, all other candidates Republican and Democrats that ran for council were able to cover their expenses with the contributions collected in this election cycle. 


Anonymous said...

He will make up the difference with his towing contract with the Township. Did he spend more than he would make sitting on Council?

Anonymous said...

I'm left wondering how he even got re-elected. He spent more than his seat is even worth. Zero.

Anonymous said...

Huh..?..His seat is worth plenty. Look at the growth of his businesses since sitting on council and being the mayor. I'm all for individuals achieving success in business...tis the American way BUT the writing is on the wall on this one......

Anonymous said...

The article actually sounds like the editor is sympathetic to Don Purdy owing so much money. I think the amount paid is sufficient given how much money he has made off the backs of the taxpayers. Add that in combination of the lawsuits, Galloway has one heck of a guy up there. Although I say all of that facetiously. Galloway will see a new Mayor come 2014. If we don't, than we know $45,000 is all it took for King Purdy to continue to his reign.

Purdy Fan

Anonymous said...

How come there is no analogy as to what the democrats spent or owe? I would like to read about both sides.

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