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OneGalloway Republican Council Candidate Profiles

General Election is one day away. Get out and vote on November 5, 2013. Below is OneGalloway Republican Council Candidates Profiles of (Incumbent) Mayor Don Purdy and new comers Frank Gargione, Robert Maldonado Sr., and Timothy Meadows Sr.

The Bio's of all Republican Candidates were provided by the Galloway Township Republican League.

Don Purdy Biography

Don Purdy, age 40, is a lifelong Galloway Township resident living in the western end of the township.  Don is the son of Harry Purdy Sr., Galloway Township’s first K9 police officer.  The Purdy family roots date back to the 1800’s in the Township.  Don was first elected to Galloway Council four years ago and began serving in 2009.  He became Mayor in 2011 and has served in that capacity since.  He has been a strong advocate for “right sizing” our local government and has advanced initiatives responsive to the taxpayer that promote a more efficient and effective local government.  Additionally, Don has supported smart planning that encourages responsible growth, especially as it relates to commercial development and positive tax ratables.  Don owns and operates three businesses in Galloway Township; DP Towing, Purdy Collision and the recently opened Purdy Automotive.  DP Towing, his first business, began operating in Galloway in 1997.  Shortly after its inception, he began planning for a brand new auto repair and collision center.  He took on the dual role of owner-operator as well as general contractor for the Purdy Collision construction project, which opened for business in 2007.  Don recently expanded his enterprises and in 2012 opened Purdy Automotive, located a short distance from Purdy Collision, at 325 East White Horse Pike.  Both Purdy Collision and Purdy Automotive are state of the art facilities, built using all local contractors and Purdy Collision is one of the largest collision centers in New Jersey.  Don was educated in the Galloway Township school system and graduated from Absegami High School in 1990.  He actively supports Galloway Township youth sports, in which his children are active participants.  He is married to Michelle and together they have four children; Donnie, Jonathan, Emily, and Katelyn, all currently educated in the Galloway Township school district.

Timothy Meadows Sr. Biography

Timothy Meadows Sr., age 57, has been a resident of Galloway Township for 28 years and lives in the Pomona section of the township. Tim has spent his life helping to improve the lives of those closest to him, as well as those throughout his community. As a member of the Galloway Township Board of Education for 7 years, a member of Galloway’s Planning Board for 4 years, and a long-time volunteer with the Galloway Police Athletic League (PAL), Tim has given back countless hours of community service to a community that has provided much fulfillment and enrichment for him and his family. Most of Tim’s professional career was spent with NJ Bell/Bell Atlantic/Verizon where he spent 27 years in various technical operations positions. He started as a rank-and-file member of IBEW Local 827 working in the field for the first ten years, and later in management, where he served for 17 more years before retiring in 2006. After his retirement from Verizon, Tim continued in the utilities field working on many projects as a contract consultant doing utility surveying and locating.  Tim was born in California to a military family and traveled extensively overseas while growing up and spent a part of his formative early years living in Guam. He attended high school and college in Roanoke, VA before enlisting in the United States Coast Guard which brought him first to New Jersey in 1975. After spending 4 years on active duty service, he continued for 22 more years in the USCG Reserves, retiring in 2002.  Tim has been married to his wife Traci for 12 years. He has three grown sons; Timothy Jr., Reggie, and Kenneth, in addition to three step-children Ryan, Danielle and Chelsea. All were educated through the Galloway school system. He also is guardian and surrogate father to his niece Kelsey, who has special needs and who lost her parents at a young age.

Robert Maldonado Biography

Robert Maldonado, age 57, has been a resident of Galloway Township for 19 years and lives in the Pomona section of the township. Robert has dedicated his life to serving his community, his country, his family and his faith. As a former Democrat member of the Galloway Council from 2000 to 2004 Robert was a voice of reason and responsibility, achieving a broad bipartisan consensus on important fiscal and community development issues of the day. In 2004 he became a member of the Republican Party believing that the party more closely aligned with his fiscal conservative values and saw it as more inclusive to his personal beliefs. Robert served proudly in the United States Navy for 23 years and retired as Senior Chief Petty Officer in 1994, the year he moved to Galloway. After his retirement from the military Robert began a second career as a licensed private detective in the state of New Jersey working on a broad array of complex cases demanding his keen focus and superior investigative skills, as well as those that come with managing an independent small business. Robert is also presently employed by the Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District and is chiefly responsible for the safety of our children as a uniformed school security officer. A tireless community volunteer, advocate for empowerment of the Hispanic community and spiritual leader, he has always and will continue to be a strong voice for positive action and a champion for the betterment of our entire community. Robert is married to the love of his life Sandra and recently celebrated 23 years of marriage. He is the proud father of four grown children; Michael, Robert Manuel, Alexandra and Victoria, all educated in the Galloway school system. He is an active parishioner of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Frank Gargione Biography

Frank M. Gargione, age 41 has been a lifelong Galloway resident living in the Leeds Point section of Galloway. Frank is the son of Frank V. and Susan Gargione and is the eldest of six children.  Frank has been a member of the Galloway Township Zoning board since 2008.  Frank received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University in 1995 and his Master’s degree in Business Administration in 2002. After graduating Drexel, Frank worked for Lenox China in Pomona, where he was the Production Manager. After the Lenox plant closed in 2006, Frank purchased the Bagel Gourmet in Leeds Point, where he is the owner-operator.  Frank grew his business to a total of three locations, two of which are in Galloway and a franchise location in Absecon. Frank spends his time coaching two little league baseball teams in Galloway, plays baseball for Northfield, is Immediate Past President of the Galloway Chapter of the Sons of Italy, and is a member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish in Galloway.  Frank attended Galloway Township school system schools and graduated from Holy Spirit High School in 1990. He is married to Carrie and has two children; Frank and Nicholas, both of whom attend Smithville School. 


Anonymous said...

A vote for this team is a vote for King Purdy to remain costing taxpayers money. Don't let this team hurt Galloway.

Anonymous said...

See what Purdy has done in Galloway. Watch this.

Anonymous said...

So you're only allowing negative comments directed at these guys and not supportive ones? And you still claim to not be biased? You're more delusional than we thought.

Publisher said...

Attention: Someone wants to try and say (on Facebook) this publication has not posted positive comments for Mr. Purdy and One Galloway on this story. Those allegations are false. That person must have forgotten to hit the Publish button when they were to busy taking picture of the comment, they thought I wouldn't publish. Regardless, that person also must have forgotten I get a copy via email of EVERY comment posted. So there is no email, yet more proof that allegation is false. I guess they will continue to lie to tarnish this publication. Such a shame!

Publisher said...

As expected the tag team personal attacks continue from those select few that are obsessed with this Publisher. Really, maybe its time you move onto another obsession. I believe that same person was told not to harass this Publisher, yet they continue. Consider yourself duly warned, again.

As far as the video, it will not be published unless the owner of the video aka One Galloway asks for permission. It is stated in the Term of Use. The other video received permission prior to posting.

Thank you, Galloway Township News.

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