Sunday, October 20, 2013

UPDATED: Publisher to Reveal Footage of Second Video Obtained this time Involving Mayor Don Purdy

UPDATED (Oct22): Video Footage of the Court Room is complete and uploaded to YouTube. GTN will release the video today. Check back for details. 

UPDATED (Oct 20): Galloway Township News is currently working on transferring the Video of the Court Room conversation between Donna Weaver, Mayor Don Purdy, Deputy Mayor Tony Coppola and Councilman Brian Tyrrell to YouTube. Check back for details.

UPDATED: First video now released on YouTube. Click here to view. The first minute shows the alleged incident that occurred in the Lobby by the front door.

Galloway Township News has obtained video footage of a conversation between Press Reporter Donna Weaver, Mayor Don Purdy, Deputy Mayor Tony Coppola and Councilman Brian Tyrrell. The conversation took place after the October 8, 2013 Council Meeting adjourned when all four individuals were alone in the Court Room.

Galloway Township News Publisher will appear on the King Arthur Show tomorrow morning (Saturday October 19th) at 7:45a.m. to speak about what is detailed on this video footage. You can listen online to the show LIVE by clicking here or Tune your radio dial to AM for channel 1020. 

The video footage we are revealing, is from approximately 8:36pm to 8:52 pm and appears to be a reenactment between Donna Weaver and Mayor Don Purdy of the alleged incident between Donna Weaver and Councilman Jim McElwee.  This reenactment in the Courtroom took place just moments after the alleged incident with McElwee where it appears in this video Mayor Don Purdy is touching the back of Donna Weaver.

To our knowledge, Weaver has not filed any complaints against Mayor Don Purdy for inappropriate touching or harrassment. 

The video was released by the Galloway Township Police Department.


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