Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Restore Galloway Team Unveils Grow Galloway Plan

(Galloway) The Restore Galloway Team of Councilman Jim McElwee, Bill Montag, Cliff Sudler, and Mike Suleiman announced their Grow Galloway Plan to make Galloway Township more business-friendly and to attract new investment and jobs to the Township.

"These last few years, Galloway Township has been focused on lawsuits and layoffs instead of jobs and investment," said McElwee, Montag, Sudler and Suleiman. "It's time to end the scandals and embarrassment and bring jobs and investment back to our Township."

Despite the Galloway Republicans' attack on previous administrations for their lack of economic development, the Republican-controlled Council has yet to find a developer for the Lenox China property. More importantly, there has been no growth or development of business on the Route 30 corridor.

"The Township has many properties that have already been approved for development. We need a tenacious Council to get construction going and to bring investment and jobs to Galloway," said the Restore Galloway Team.

Also, recently, the Republican-controlled Planning Board has just allowed Ole Hansen and Sons the capability of constructing single-family homes with the capability of bringing in 400-500 new school children into our district. In addition, it will also bring in 189 units of low-income housing. This will greatly impact the tax bills of Galloway residents and will skyrocket out of control.

The Restore Galloway Team's Grow Galloway Plan 
is as follows:

  • Implement a new, aggressive marketing campaign to attract business investment not just from in-state but also from out-of-state
  • Streamline the permitting process to help support the construction or expansion of businesses that want to do business with Galloway.
  • Foster an environment where the Township works with new and growing businesses to get projects off the ground.
  • Offer tax incentives to businesses that want to do businesses in Galloway and employ Galloway residents with good-paying jobs.
  • Embark on a public-private partnership with businesses to create a new train station for the Atlantic City/Philadelphia line along the White Horse Pike.
  • Conduct a monthly "Business Roundtable" with local business owners to hear their ideas, concerns and suggestions.


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