Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Letter to Editor: Lonegan's Visit to Smithville Inn Raises Several Questions on Galloway Republican Party

On Tuesday, October 1, Senatorial candidate Steve Lonegan had a fundraiser at the Smithville Inn, owned and operated by Galloway’s deputy mayor, Tony Coppola.  At that meeting Lonegan stated that he supports the shutdown of the Federal government and further trivialized the shutdown by adding “you know, if the only inconvenience is we’re shutting down national parks – I think we can live through that.”   

Obviously putting 800,000 people out of work is not just an “inconvenience” – it’s a disaster for the people who are no longer getting paid but still have bills rolling in and families to support.   

And quite a few of those people furloughed live here in Galloway because they are employees of the FAA facility.   I guess Lonegan and his sidekick Rick Perry didn’t bother to consider that bit of information before praising the shutdown.

But even more disturbing is the fact that the Deputy Mayor of Galloway, Tony Coppola, allowed these two politicians to use his property for fundraising and nose thumbing of the taxpayers of Galloway who work for the federal government.   And that leads me to this question: is Coppola happy that the government is shutdown?   Do he and the people associated with him on Galloway council, including Don Purdy and the three candidates running with him, support people like Lonegan and Perry who don’t care about people being out of work or unable to get services provided by places like the National Institutes of Health or the Library of Congress to name but a few?  

The fact that Coppola, a member of our local government,  would allow a known government hater – at any level – to use his restaurant to raise money makes me think that he and his fellow Republicans on council absolutely do support this kind of clueless, heartless, and mean-spirited behavior.   

We need a change in Galloway politics and we don’t need people in office who “like” seeing the government shut down and people out of work and unable to get needed services because a few self-centered politicians can’t accept the fact that the ACHA is a law.

Cliff Sudler
Democratic Candidate for Galloway Council


Anonymous said...

The government is corrupt. Why wouldn't one hate it? It takes our money and wastes it. It restricts our freedoms. It imprisons people some without trial or reason. It spies on us.

vtpat said...

Time for change in galloway!

Anonymous said...

Most folks know that there is a difference between people like Mr. Lonegan and regular Republicans. If you watched the last senatorial debate, you got a good idea of what Mr. Lonegan is all about.
I only hope that Mr. Coppola will realize that a good number of those who have been furloughed from their jobs at the FAA Tech Center and other federal facilities live in Galloway Township.
I understand that local politicians are sometimes compelled to back other politicians in their own party. But if I was a Republican, Mr. Lonegan is the one candidate I would stay as far away from as possible.

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