Thursday, October 31, 2013

Former U.S. Congressman Patrick Kennedy Endorses the Restore Galloway Team for Galloway Council

Former U.S. Congressman Patrick Kennedy announced his support for the Restore Galloway Team of Councilman Jim McElwee, Bill Montag, Cliff Sudler and Michael Suleiman, announced today.

"Galloway has seen tough times but when you cast your vote, you can be assured that the Restore Galloway Team will place the needs of Galloway first", Kennedy asserted.

"We are honored and proud to receive Congressman Kennedy's support and when elected we will work feverishly to restore the pride in every Galloway resident who has lost faith that our local government can be the voice of the people" the Restore Galloway Team responded. "Congressman Kennedy has an outstanding record of standing up for the people's needs, a record that we aspire to emulate.”


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah He supported Obama Too !!!!

Anonymous said...

Never ever ride in a car if a Kennedy is driving.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Ask Mary Jane Kopeckne's family about the illustrious Kennedys!

vtpat said...

I hope Mr. Kennedy makes a move here in South jersey. Who cares about that schmuck Hughes who is owned / employed by the greediest, municipality shaking down, union busting, food server stiffing Lloyd (gimme more) Levenson. I once heard him say that he "invested more in Governor McGreevey than I did in my kid's education." In a race of LoBiondo vs Hughes i would vote for gary stein.....BTW another crapbird "lawyer" in that firm is a Brigantine Councilman, Rick DeLucry.

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