Thursday, June 20, 2013

UPDATED x2: Charges Filed Against Frank Gargione Transferred to Ventnor Municipal Court Due to Conflict in Galloway; Charges Filed Against Landicini

Frank Gargione
UPDATE: July 27, 2013, Gargione and Landicini are scheduled to attend Court Ordered Mediation in late August. Neither party had any comment regarding the mediation. 

UPDATE: June 28, 2013, a court date for both cases has been set for July 16, 2013 at 9:00am in Ventnor Municipal Court. According to Ventnor Court, probable cause determination for the charges filed by Gargione against Landicini are still pending. The charges against Gargione still remain.

UPDATE: June 24, 2013, Charges issued by Frank Gargione against Joseph Landicini are still pending, according to Ventnor Municipal Court. Check back for details.

A recent altercation between Republican Council Candidate Frank Gargione and GTAA Coach Joseph Landicini resulted in simple assault charges. On June 6, 2013, Gargione was charged with simple assault after a complaint filed by Landicini.

According to documents obtained through an Open Public Records Request, on Monday June 17, 2013, Frank Gargione filed simple assault charges against Landicini. According to the complaint Gargione alleges Landicini committed the offense "specifically by striking plaintiff (Gargione) in the chest with his hand." 

Joseph Landicini 
According to Galloway Township Municipal Court Clerk Roseanne Lugg, the complaint filed by Gargione as well as the simple assault charges filed against him by Landicini, have both been transferred to Ventnor Municipal Court due to a conflict. 

Probable cause on the charges filed against Landicini have yet to be determined. Ventnor Judge Mary C. Siracusa will review the complaint filed by Gargione in order to determine probable cause for the simple assault charges against Landicini. A determination is expected early next week. raised the question to Galloway Municipal Court as to how probable cause was determined in Galloway regarding simple assault charges filed against Gargione when there appeared to be a conflict. Gargione is a Council Candidate for Galloway Township.  After our inquiry, both cases were then were transferred out of Galloway.

Gargione declined comment regarding the transfer of the cases to Ventnor. Joseph Landicini is represented by Anthony Argiropoulos, Esq., from Sill Cummis & Gross P.C. will follow both cases closely next week and report any updates as they occur.  Statements will also be released next week once  Judge Siracusa makes a determination on the probable cause. 


Anonymous said...

Good update. I have been searching to see if there were any development. I have heard about it but didn't see it. Keep updates coming. At least I would like to know.

Anonymous said...

Agreed on good update - can you post a picture of Landancini - would like to see both people involved.

Publisher said...

Picture is added.

Anonymous said...

I know both parties involved. This is over a kids baseball game. Give us a break, there are things that are much more important than this childish behavior on both parties part. I think both need to grow up and stop wasting the court's and everyone Else's time with this. Act like men showing the kids how it should be handled, with discussion and compromise. Drop the charges on each other,shake hands and chalk it up to a "heat of the moment" thing. I can only hope that if elected, Frank brings this kind of enthusiasm to council and not the childish actions that now taking place.Galloway cannot afford any more lawsuits.

Bill Ross said...

I know that Gargione never had any intention whatsoever to waste the courts time. In fact, he had no idea that Landicini even went to court to file these charges. It was under the impression that all that happened would be handled by the GTAA. Apparently Landicini had other ideas. Pretty stupid on his part since so many witnesses said Landicini was the one pushing and Gargione was not. But any lawyer will tell you, when someone puts these types of charges on you, you have to file counter charges. In my opinion, Landicini could care less about about the charges. I say this is his attempt to ruin Frank's reputation since he is running for council. I guess Landicini didn't like his punishment from the GTAA. Apparently when Frank attempted to calm everyone down and diffuse the situation, Landicini made a derogatory comment about Frank being the "big politician" now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting other guys photo.

Anonymous said...

This fuse was lit when Landicini was not chosen as an asst. coach for the all star game and his feelings were hurt. Instead of finding and looking in the first mirror he could find or discuss the decision with the coach that made the decision like a man, he decided to sulk and pout for three weeks until the point of revenge against the person that had nothing to do with lighting the fuse.
Unfortunately the explosion occurred on the baseball field in front of 8 yr old kids who just want to play baseball and learn the proper way to play the game and conduct themselves on and off the field.
Maybe an honest look in the mirror would have diffused the fuse!

Anonymous said...

Classic case of " if you don't pick me, I'm going to take my bats and balls and go home".

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see Bill Ross not bashing the Publisher. I know Frank and Joe and its an unfortunate situation. The kids should really be the main focus and both should be saying they are sorry for acting like this in front of the kids. I haven't seen on comment by either of them saying the kids come first and that should have been their focus, not who didn't get picked to be an all-star coach and who did.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is so sadly blown out of proportion. A push here, a push there, seriously I got in worse fights in grade school and nobody did anything about it & I'm s girl! Really hope this doesn't hurt Gargione running for counsil.

Anonymous said...

If you know Frank you know he is a stand up guy. this other guy obviously live thru his child. I feel for the child. its tough to grow up with a father who is a loser.

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