Monday, June 17, 2013

UPDATED: Altercation at Youth Sporting Event Leads to Simple Assault Charges Filed Against Council Candidate Frank Gargione

Frank Gargione
UPDATE: New Charges Filed: Attorney Representing Joseph Landicini has released a statement to Frank Gargione has stated he will be releasing a statement to us this evening. 

Additional documentation and Information on New Charges filed on one of the individuals is anticipated to be released with this update.

Republican Council Candidate Frank Gargione was officially charged with Criminal Simple Assault stemming from an alleged altercation during a youth baseball game on Sunday, June 2, 2013 in Galloway Township. 

According to the complaint filed on June 6, 2013 by the victim Joseph Landicini of Egg Harbor City, Gargione is charged with committing the offense of simple assault, specifically by shoving the victim's shoulder and shouting "get out of my face." The violation is a criminal charge of 2C:12-1A(1).

According to the Court Documents, the incident occurred on Sunday, June 2, 2013, just two days prior to Primary Election Day. The victim in the incident, Joseph Landicini of Egg Harbor City alleged Gargione assaulted him after a youth baseball game they were coaching together at the Galloway Township Athletic Association (GTAA) Baseball Fields in Galloway Township. 

Landicini provided a detailed email of the allegations to the Galloway Township Police Department which was attached to the complaint. has released a copy of the email below through an Open Public Records Request.

Leading up to the altercation according to the complaint, Landicini alleges Gargione "got in my face telling me "you're so far out of it, you don't even know it" implying something with baseball. 

Landicini alleges that when the baseball game ended abruptly he approached to collect his bat and balls by the dugout when Gargione shoved Landicini in his left shoulder saying, "get out of my face."  Landicini admits in his complaint that in a natural reaction of defense he pushed Gargione back and said, "Don't push me."  Landicini further alleges other individuals had to step between him and Gargione. According to sources, this altercation occurred in front of children and parents who were in attendance for the baseball game.

Landicini referenced "Chapter 74" in his complaint. After research, we were able to verify that Chapter 74 referenced in the complaint is the "Code of Conduct" permitted at "youth sports events." That Law was established by thSenate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey in 2002. 

According to the Law, the violation for the Code of Conduct as set forth in NJ State Law is:

C.5:17-4 Violation of code, ban; resumption of participation on counseling.
"4. Any student, coach, official, parent or other person subject to the terms and conditions of an athletic code of conduct established pursuant to the provisions of P.L.2002, c.74 (C.5:17-1 et seq.) who violates the provisions of the athletic code of conduct, may be banned from attending any subsequent school or community sponsored youth sports event. In the event that any student, coach, official, parent or other person subject to the terms and conditions of an athletic code of conduct is banned from attendance, that 
person may petition the school board or sports team for permission to resume attendance. Prior to being permitted to resume attendance, the school board or sports team shall require the individual to present proof of completion of anger management counseling through a public or private source."

It is our understanding that several coaches and parents were disciplined through the GTAA per this Chapter 74 Code of Conduct from the June 2, 2013 incident. 

When reached for comment, Joseph Landicini declined comment on the allegations, but stated a formal statement will be issued tomorrow. Gargione did not return our multiple requests for comments through telephone inquiry and Facebook of which Gargione received this evening at 5:54pm. We will update the story if comment is received. 

According to the Court Documents, Landicini filed Mediation paperwork acknowledging mediation as an alternative to formal court proceedings and is a way to resolve disputes without using a judge to decide the case. 

According to Galloway Township Court Clerk Roseanne Lugg, probable cause for the simple assault charges was determined by Judicial Officer Eileen Bennett.  Bennett is the Deputy Court Clerk for Galloway Township. Lugg stated she needed to verify if the case would be transferred to another municipality for potential conflict due to the fact that Gargione is a Council Candidate for Galloway Township.  That final determination was not immediately available. 

Gargione is summoned to appear in Galloway Municipal court on July 11, 2013 at 9:00am.

Galloway Township Athletic Association issued the following statement regarding the incident that occurred on their property. We initially made contact with the President of the GTAA on Friday Night. GTAA issued this statement today. 

"I would like to start off by thanking the Galloway Twp. News for holding off all weekend, on the full story until we had a chance to respond on this.

On June 2, 2013 an incident among certain adult individuals took place during a baseball game held at the G.T.A.A. field.  The incident was brought to the attention of the Board of Trustees.  An investigation of the incident was performed by the Executive Board and a meeting was held at which time the Executive Board heard from witnesses and participants.  Based upon the Executive Board's investigation and the information obtained before and during the meeting, the Executive Board took certain action which was communicated to the participants.  The Executive Board considers the matter concluded with no further action deemed necessary.  Any actions taken by anyone other than, has been outlined above, is not at the direction, or with prior knowledge of G.T.A.A.

G.T.A.A.'s continuing mission is to provide the youth of Galloway Township and Port Republic a safe and affordable opportunity to participate in youth athletics."

 The G.T.A.A. Executive Board 

Gargione is a Republican Candidate for Galloway Township Council in this years election. We submitted a request for comment to the GTRL Municipal Leader Steve Moliver, 
and Jorge Coombs, President of the GTRL and our requests were not returned. 


Anonymous said...

Shoving? Please. .thats not news..the other guy actually is taking a courts time with this?? Vote for Gargione!

Bill Ross said...

If the portion of the comment you say is false is the part pertaining to your request I have a copy of your request. You state you want any complaints against Frank Gargione of Galloway so it was a specific request. My question is how did you know to request that specific information? Did someone lead you to that because I'm sure this request was a random request.

Anonymous said...

Who cares where the site got the tip. Why you so bothered that someone out there actually cares about the children and conduct at these events. As far as I know you don't even live in Galloway. Let the residents of Galloway handle how we look at this situation and what Frank Gargione did or did not do. Right now he is charged, thats all that matters to me.

Bill Ross said...

Here we go with anonymous matters because there may be an underling agenda to get this out. And I highly doubt that the children were this persons priority. But let's remind you, we have no idea who you are AND the GTAA is for Galloway AND Port Republic residents. If there was any truth to these charges I would not be commenting.

Publisher said... reports on Governmental News as well as other community news. How and why we receive information is not in our opinion a reason not to report legitimate news. Documents were requested, released and a story is published. Any theory of agenda is extremely misguided.

Robert Howell said...

I can understand the desire to defend a friend, however, looking over this website, I seem to have noticed a pattern of comments on other stories. Some of which seem to be directed towards the publisher. I do not know the publisher, but I am a resident, who takes information from here, along with information I learn from watching GTV, going to civic meetings and listening to the employees of this township. It's my opnion that the current publisher of this website reports what is going on that other "bigger media" doesn't have time for. I also noticed that since this publisher have changed this website has become more "newsworthy" rather than self-centered single focus (again just my opnion). I felt the previous administration was somewhat single scoped in their reporting (which isn't a bad thing, just an observation) there seems to be a broader approach to coverage of events in the Township. Keep up the good work. On a personal level, I still haven't seen any writing where it appears the publisher suggests this person is guilty. The media is often fueled by people who feel a story needs to be reported on. Not just Galloway.

Bill Ross said...

The previous publisher focused on stories that were solely related to the current publisher. But it is rumored that the current publisher also controlled much of the content even when she wasn't the publisher.

Anonymous said...

1) Fact: Mark and Frank are assistant coaches to Joe Landicini for GTAA Little League Baseball.

2) Fact: Mark and Frank were picked by Gunnels (the other team's coach) to be assitant coaches for the 8U All-Star Team.

3) Opinion: Joe Landicini and John Gunnels do not get along.

4) Fact: Joe was VERY angry with Mark and Frank for accepting the assistant coaches roles.

5) Fact: Joe's punishment from the GTAA for this incident: No longer allowed to coach. **Joe did not disclose length of time**

6) Fact: Frank's punishment? A writtem warning. (Joe sure sounds like a victim here. Why the heftier sentence?)

7) Opinion: Joe appears to be very jealous and a bit upset at Frank, Mark and John. This appears to be a way to get at Frank.

8) Fact: Joe needs some tissues.

Bill Ross said...

Hence the agenda to smear frank's name by slandering his name...I'd say his agenda is misguided...

Anonymous said...

I was at the game with my child when this happened. What happened was a disgrace. I had to explain to my child that what happened should never happen anywhere, even if it wasn't a game. It's not an appropriate way to act. Although I may not be happy to see my son's sports organization plastered over the internet, at least someone is reporting what happened because it only would have been swept under rug behind closed doors. Many Coaches and parents were reprimanded. My opinion, all coaches including Frank Gargione should have been removed.

Anonymous said...

There's also a rumor that a guy running for office was charged with a disorderly persons offense. I think he's the smart one by not commenting and letting the courts iron it out. Shame his friends don't just know to let it work out through the courts. Based on the things I've seen on this site recently, I have ever bit of confidence that the adjudication of the case will be published too, regardless of the outcome. So, back to the rumors. This publsiher exposed several things which were going on, a lot confirmed by the previous publisher who had no problems filing paperwork to get the truth out there. From what I understand, the current publisher bought this site and has moved it from a "single source story line" to that of a outlet for things which affect the Township of Galloway, and surrounding areas. As a resident I like that. Stories you won't see in the Press or TV40, not because they're only a "headline" but because the other forms of media are covering more than just Galloway. So, keep up the great work, and as for the rumors. Just because someone tells you something doesn't mean it's true.

Anonymous said...

I think by continually attacking the publisher and this site, the "friends" of the accused look desperate to protect his image. 

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the last couple comments. I actually know the publisher and I think what she has done with this website has been great. It's talked about all over but in a good way except for a few employees at the Township and I'm sure we all know who they would be. I voted in the Primary and I wish I would have known this happened prior. Not that it would have mattered on my vote casts since no one else was running but I would have changed to the other party.

Anonymous said...

Assault in front of children at a youth baseball game. What's the big deal? That just seems to be normal behaviour from the Galloway Republicans. They have had people in leadership positions for years that have a questionable past. They had a mayor that was forced to resign. A councilman resign and run away. They had another that supposedly has not lived here for years, but still was collecting a check from the town. Another was arrested for shoplifting. Galloway has become an absolute joke being run by these people. A little fight in front of the children he is supposed to be coaching makes him a role model with this group. I am sure he is a great guy, maybe it's just when you lay down with dogs, you get fleas.

Anonymous said...

It really is sad that this is a common occurance throughout all sports that ran by GTAA. It is also sad that many of the occurances are in fact swept under the rug as GTAA is nothing but a glorified clique of who you know and how to better your own children and not the kids of Galloway! That is why there is a decline in the number of participants in the program. I have personally witnessed many of the coaches that were there for the right reasons, all of the children, be pushed out and sidelined to have their coaching spots taken over by less qualified "coaches" that are there for the benefit of their children! It is a shame that this is allowed to happen but if you are not in the clique and speaking praise of the few that are allowed in you are banished and so are your children!

Anonymous said...

Republican? Democrat? This has nothing to do with the article or the incident. These are two grown men behaving badly. It doesn't matter who did what but that this argument happened in front of children. Instead of courts and mediation, this should be a teaching moment and they should work out their problems (Let's face it, the game wasn't the issue) then show the kids that even though adults can disagree they can work it out in a civilized manner.
In response to the sanctions by GTAA, only they know what the story is and what the back story is, so who are we to judge what they deemed an appropriate punishment.
Lastly, If you do not know the parties involved, how can you comment on their character? May those who live in glass houses cast the first stone as they say. Grow up people. this was an argument between two adults that unfortunately happened at a youth function. To have this go thru the court system is laughable.

Anonymous said...

I am very curious to see what Landicini's statement says, as I was witness to the events that occurred at the baseball fields. My son played on the opposing team, and what I observed was a bit different from the accounts written here.

Throughout the game, Landicini,his wife and family were provoking other coaches, parents and PLAYERS! His family sat behind home plate and would bark and cough to distract our players. At one point, his wife was ON THE FIELD yelling and making a fuss. Eventually, another coach on their team had to kick the Landicinis, as well as a few other obnoxious parents, out of the game. That is where Joe became agitated and angry, and was witnessed yelling at his assistant coaches and violating their personal space. I witnessed Joe pushing his assistant coach, and did not see the assistant coach push him.

I would have been surprised in the events that occured, but sadly, I was not. Two years ago, I witnessed the same behaviors from the Landicinis at a Renegades football game where Joe and his wife were using profanities on the field in front of 6-8 year old players. He was removed from coaching football for Renegades at that time.

I'm not sure if this was a way for Joe to slander this mans name, however if it is, then well played, Joe. I hope that my statement can shed some light on events and show people that there are many sides to every story. I agree with the previous poster who asked why Joe got a more serious 'punishment' if the was the 'victim' in all this. I can only speak for myself and my family, but I'm hoping others see this as well: Joe Landicini should not be allowed to coach children. I would NEVER allow him to coach my son, as he is an embarrassment to coaches, parents and all citizens of Galloway.

Anonymous said...

What is Mr. Landicini doing on GTAA fields anyway. I thought only Galloway and Port residents could suck up Galloway taxpayers money.I wonder if he is a friend of the OTHER political party !!!!! Just wondering !!!!

Anonymous said...

When I first saw this headline I figured it must be a typo, and that Joe Landicini was the one that had the charges filed against him. My son was playing in this game and I was present. Joe was a wild animal on the field that day. He started fights/arguments with everyone of his assistant coaches as well as the head coach of the opposing team. His wife was ON the field using profanities in front of everyone like it was a daily routine. It's a shame that this turned into a political smear and now both the plaintiff and defendants lives could be affected by this. The Landicini's moved from Galloway to Absecon for football due to a situation like this, I'm sure they will follow suit and move to Absecon for baseball as well. Look out Abseconites!

Bill Ross said...

Well there ya go. It's what I have been saying the entire time. My one post wasn't published but it describes just what the above post says. Frank did not lay a hand on anyone. Joe is filing a false claim against Frank in an attempt to ruin his name. So maybe now those taking shots at me for sticking up for what's right can keep quiet now. I was not exclusively attacking the publisher only in the realm that a false story was posted and Frank wasn't given the opportunity to respond prior to it being released.

Joe's main focus in this charge was to get back at Frank. It was personal. Frank composed himself as a professional and demonstrated that he is a capable person when given authority. He is someone you can trust and someone you can trust with your children. I would think that all those that commented about him running for Council can now see this was a bogus charge. If anything, Joe Landicini should be charged for assault himself and filing a false charge in an attempt to slander his name. As we can see with Joe's past behavior, he is the problem here. Gatgione for Galloway Council!!

Anonymous said...

I also was at the game and the description of the events that happened by the above poster are right on the money. I can not attest to the actions at the football game but can say that it would not surprise me.
It is refreshing to see someone tell the truth concerning the story and not spin it off to an unrelated agenda.

Bill Ross said...

I think those posting negative comments towards Frank under Anonymous owe him a deep apology. I said it before, those making the comments they were are gonna feel pretty stupid once the full truth comes out.

Anonymous said...

How can this website claim it is a "news" outlet, when there is no name/byline listed with the story? Who is the owner/publisher of this "news" site and why are they not posting the name the reporter to this "story?"

This is not a news site... it is a blog and there should be a disclaimer/warning that the so called "stories" are the opinions/conclusions of the blog owner. A real news reporter is not afraid to put their name to their story.

It is clear that there is more to this story than is being reported...for example, why isn't mentioned in the "story" that the accuser was removed as coach by the G.T.A.A for his actions during the incident?

This incomplete reporting is not real journalism, it is a blogger with an obvious agenda. Shame on this blog for trying to defame the name of a good man and his family. This site should be renamed "Galloway Township Incomplete News"

That is the problem with blogs. Anyone can sit behind a computer and post erroneous/incomplete reports and get away with it.

Robert Howell said...

Wow, the last poster was dead on in their post - ANYONE can sit behind a computer and post erroneous/incomplete reports...Case and point See above post. I still have not seen any publication on this site wherein the Publisher has said this person was guilty. Secondly, I noticed a prepared statement from GTAA. Wouldn't it be simmple if GTAA didn't issue that news release they say post here saying they didn't. Once again this website only reported the fact that there was an allegation filed by someone, no where did it say anyone is guilty. Clearly some of the people here have a personal agenda against the publisher. Mr. Ross, I'm just wondering one thing. Were you a witness to the events of this incident? I am not sure if that part is clear. It's not a finger point attempt, I'm just trying to take in all the facts. The publisher also wrote about the thunderstorm warnings, should we all get upset over that too?

Anonymous said...

I think the publisher hit the nail on the head. Who didn't know Lisa Tilton was the publisher of the website. I'm thankful she is writing about Galloway. I don't know much about this story but I can draw my own conclusion that an altercation occurred, multiple people were involved and a charge was filed. Sounds straight forward to me. I have one question of the poster Bill Ross. I agree and appreciate a friend sticking up for a friend, but why haven't you once said that even if the allegations were true, this type of conduct is unacceptable in front of children? Were you at the event when this occurred?

Anonymous said...

This is why we need tort reform..When the Judge laughs Joe Landicini out of the court room, he should be made to pay for the damage he caused to Frank Gargione's character. And I state this as an eyewitness to the events on June 2nd.

Anonymous said...

To the publisher - This " headline " was released on Fri. One simple yes or no question. Was the accused contacted by you for comment prior to the release? If not, why.
You mentioned yesterday that the accused was contacted for comment. Was that Fri.or yesterday which was Mon?

Bill Ross said...

Robert...First, really appreciate you posting with a name...I was not a personal witness but I was made aware of this incident while it was happening, I mean, literally happening, play by play. I have spoken to a few people and a few friends who did witness the incident and they all said the same thing....Frank Gargione did not touch Joe Landicini. In fact, they said the opposite was true. And it's no secret that Frank and I are friends and I take his word as he also said he did not lay a hand on him.

I never claimed that the Publisher was lying. I never claimed that the Publisher said Frank was guilty. But you have to admit, the story posted in the manner it was made him look really bad. And the comments following the story show that and were pretty harsh, not fair and completely off base.

I have a tendency to speak up for my friends and family when they are put unfairly in these positions, it's just my nature. And I did think that it was rather unfair to post this story without first speaking with Frank to at least give him an opportunity to respond. The story hit and it was completely unexpected and there was no warning. So based on all that, is why I said it was careless to put this up in the original manner it was. Frank is running for Council. And I do agree if someone running for a Public Office does something wrong the people need to know about it. But the problem here was I know he didn't do anything wrong and this guy's main intent was to attack his character. The reason I asked how the Publisher obtained this story is because if Joe or his wife contacted the website to give this information, that would show their intent was to hurt his reputation.

I do understand that the Publisher and Frank have communicated and that's a good thing. I also appreciate the Publisher's intent to report this story I just feel it put him at a disadvantage considering he is running for Galloway Council.

But now you can see from the latest comments speaking on behalf of Frank and what was witnessed at the field with Joe Landicini's most recent behavior as well as his past.

I do not have a particular problem with the website and I do view it as a news source. However, if/when I see a controversial story that may have more to it I will challenge. But that's to be expected with any type of controversial piece and I think the Publisher is aware of that and ready to handle it. So in closing here, all I can say is that at least I post with my real name, I do not hide behind a keyboard and I stand behind my comments. I hope that is appreciated as well.

Anonymous said...

I notice that the friends and family of Frank want to blame everyone, except for him of course, yet couldn't he have just walked away?

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 6:37 pm....I don't think the friends and family are blaming anyone....They are just defending a man against a ludicrous charge. And if you were there as I was, or know the history as I wouldn't think twice about agreeing with me.

Robert Howell said...

Mr. Ross, again thank you for the reply. Again, I do not know the publisher personally. I can understand your defense of your friend, I respect that too. I just happen to be of the opinion that unless you're involved in an incident or a direct witness of it (either for or against someone) it's hard to gain creditblity of the incident. I believe the courts refer to that as hearsay. This is not an attempt to make you or anyone else who has come to the defense of either party involved here.

There is no doubt that the courts all over this country are filled with a dockets which should not be there, however when someone seeks out the public spot light, they are asking for everything to come out. This gentlemen is asking the public to vote for him to work for us. We have the right to know everything which involves any person(s) who seek office. Again, I realize this case has not been heard yet. In time the truth will be known to everyone. But I'm willing to bet, that given the those circumstances it will lead to another topic - unfair legal decisions. People on either side will always disagree if the ruling is against them. It's human nature.

I only hope the municipal court is smart enough to transfer this to another court, or have a disqualification judge hear it (if it makes it that far).

In closing, I applaud the publisher for not just publishing information but verifiying the facts before printing them. The media has been relying on tips submitted to them for years, I think Ms. Tilton did her due dilligence in seeking confirmation from the court before publishing the allegations. If she indicated she made attempts to contact all parties involved I believe she did. I have seen some positive changes from this website since she took over, and I look forward to that positive focus to continue.

Bill Ross said...

@Anonymous @6:37...he was walking away.

Anonymous said...

I was there. He was walking away when this altercation occurred ( the shove in the chest by JL ) If you we're not there nor have the facts - why would you ask that question? Hummm?

sara said...

I just wish all these people would act like adults and resolve the whole situation.The children are at stake here.This will escalate down to when they play next year. Did anyone think about that?

sara said...

I wish the whole situation could just be continued anonymously. All the citations have not been heard yet so can the blog just leave it alone until then?

Anonymous said...

To the publisher @6:43. Thank you for the explanation and after reading , there was a "simple answer". The answer was NO.
FYI- He is the owner of Bagel Gourmet in GT. Their phone# is listed and they were open Fri - Sat and Sun.

Publisher said...

To Anonymous @7:23pm. Thank you, Frank said the same. We have discussed that and resolved our differences on this issue. Thank you

Anonymous said...

To the publisher@7:32. Thank you for your response and I look forward to your follow up to this story in the near future.

Anonymous said...

To the publisher...In your post @6:43 you stated that you spoke with Gargione and you anticipate a follow-up in "the near future?"

So let me get this quickly posted a breaking news story on Friday; posted, as you call it, the "Full Story" yesterday; spoke with Gargione last night and now say that you will post a follow-up story in the near future? The near future?!? Why were you so quick to post the "full story?" when you didn't even have all of the facts?

Seems to me like you are quick to post a story in an attempt to tarnish a man's name, yet not in that same rush to clear a man's name!

So I guess the "full story" wasn't necessarily the complete story, was it publisher?

Anonymous said...

What is it with everyone speaking negatively about the Publisher? People need to grow up, your acting as childish as the claims for this simple assault.

Anonymous said...

What part of people didn't comment doesn't everyone understand. Leave the Publisher alone. I doubt people would be outraged at other journalist for posting a story when people wouldn't comment. Maybe people commenting bashing the publisher should get comment and give it to the publisher to print. DOUBT THAT WILL Happen!!

Anonymous said...

They attack the publisher and the site because they are trying to cover for the accused's shameful behavior. It is a typical tactic used by political lackey's. They cannot excuse his actions, so they attack the credibility of the publication and/or the publisher.

Anonymous said...

If he cannot control his temper, what else can't he control?

Anonymous said...

This incident is really no big deal BUT it is a nice little candid glimpse into the world that is GTAA. My opinion of the league and a select few that feel as though they run the show is that they can have their little kingdom. I personally don't subscribe to the "look at me" drama and public display of has been jocks galavanting around with their bloated guts, balding heads and most notably the massive egos. This league is really for them so let them have it. Those of us in the know laugh at them.

All NJ towns have their politics but Galloway is a swarming cesspool of small time political wannabees for the most part playing dress up. There is a distinct circle of these "players" using their smear campaigns, friends and back door political connections to slither their way into key positions.

This is not an R vs D issue. I wouldn't affiliate or align myself with either of those parties, especially in Galloway. Just some's not always those that you technically vote in to office that you have to worry about. It's who THEY know and associate with that you have to fret. Take that for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

look at the wazens history. yes, they put a lot of time in. however, their quest to have their child treated like a young tiger woods is sad. they forced the good volunteers of gtta football out of their positions to benefit their child. they used dave williams like a dish rag. so renegades were formed. rightly so. wazen shouldn't be coaching let alone serve in a leadership position. now, he merges renegades and mustangs to benefit his son. green acres is the place to be. go shovel some more sh.....

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