Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mayor Don Purdy and Councilman Jim McElwee Lead Their Party in Votes for the 2013 Primary Election

Mayor Don Purdy and Councilman Jim McElwee lead their respective parties in receiving the highest votes, according to the Atlantic County Board of Elections Website Tuesday evening.

Purdy brought in 1,132 votes while McElwee brought in 615. Purdy who was originally elected in 2010 and has served as Mayor since November 2011, recently denounced his own Republican party before re-joining them again in March in order to be on this years ticket for Galloway Township Council. recently reported a potential scheme by the Galloway Township Republican League to remove Purdy as Mayor as well as removing him as a member on this ticket. We held off on a follow-up story until after this election and further legal consultation. anticipates a no holds barred release of the full scheme planned against Purdy, including individuals who admitted their participation. 

According to Galloway Township Clerk's Office, no Independent Candidate Petitions were filed for Galloway Township Council.

The Election Results are provided below:

Dem - Galloway Township Council
17/17 100.00%
Under Votes568
Over Votes0
Vote CountPercent
JIM McELWEE61526.37%
BILL MONTAG57524.66%

Rep - Galloway Township Council
17/17 100.00%
Under Votes1105
Over Votes0
Vote CountPercent
DON PURDY1,13225.78%
TIMOTHY C. MEADOWS, SR.1,07024.37%


Anonymous said...

Let it all out GTN. Let everyone know what happened to Purdy and what Purdy has done to others. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Don Purdy should not be on council and shouldn't be the Mayor. Is Galloway News playing into the hands of the GTRL by exposing what the Mayor did or is there a reason why this publisher wants to expose Don Purdy. LOL. Either way, corruption is embedded in Galloway. Maybe she can reveal that corruption once and for all.

Anonymous said...

What is the big deal. Everyone knows Galloway has corruption. The issue is they bury it to protect each other. The Democrats should win this year and get rid of not only the Republicans, but Purdy as Mayor.

Anonymous said...

How much information on people does this website have? Seems endless to the amount of misdeeds that are getting exposed. Maybe council should hold a special meeting and bring her in to spill everything she has in one shot. I would go just to see the three ring circus.

Anonymous said...

When you have a Galloway Mayor who supported Freeholder McDevitt and then turned his back on him for Union money, you have your answer.

Ron schreiber said...

Sounds like another popularity contest to me .????

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